Samsun Sivas Railway Line Test Drive

samsun sivas railway line test was made
samsun sivas railway line test was made

Samsun-Sivas (Kalin) railway line after more than 4 years of modernization work after a test drive was made.

The train departing from Sivas, Tokat and Amasya passed through Samsun test drive. Today, from Samsun to Sivas with the participation of TCDD General Manager and the delegation of the test campaign, the opening date of the line is expected to be determined.

The founder of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's Republic of Turkey on September 21, 1924, which first started hitting the digging work, the Samsun-Sivas, 378 kilometers (Thick) of the railway line was completed on September 30, 1931. “Passenger and freight transportation between the Black Sea and Anatolia started with the line opened by Atatürk. A modernization project was prepared for the railway line 4 years ago with the support of EU grant funds. A total of 378 kilometers of work was carried out between Samsun-Sivas, which is 420 kilometers away, including station roads. With the project, the infrastructure of the railway platform was renewed by improving the ground width of 6.70 meters. 38 bridges on the route were demolished and 40 historical bridges restored. The rail, sleeper, ballast and scissors superstructure of the line, which was improved in 2 tunnels with a length of 476 thousand 12 meters, was changed ”

The station and passenger platforms of the stations and stations were renewed to provide access for disabled people and signaling and telecommunication facilities were established in line with EU standards. 121 level crossings were renewed and integrated with automatic barrier signaling system. The project cost € 260 million and € 148.6 million was financed by EU grant funds. The Samsun-Sivas Kalın line, which is one of the two railway lines of the Black Sea to Anatolia, will also carry cargo from the ports in the region as well as the passenger. Starting from the port city of Samsun, reaching the Kalin Village of the Yıldızeli district of Sivas, the railway line has achieved a suitable infrastructure for the technology of the day with both rail technology and art structures. Prior to the renovation, the number of trains from 20 to 30 will be increased to a 50 per cent increase in line capacity.


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