Russia Road Truck Transportation Works Continue

russia highway truck transportation work continues
russia highway truck transportation work continues

Our commercial activities, which have an ancient history with Russia, where our relations have come to the breaking point due to some political maneuvers in the recent past, have returned to their normal level as a result of high-level negotiations and negotiations, and export and import activities have accelerated again. kazanyeast has started. We observe that the bilateral trades between the two countries with large projects around the world have peaked recently.

As the transportation demands arising from the mutual trade agreements of the two countries have begun to see a great demand, many logistics companies have made some attempts to take part in this attractive line, but the major companies can get results with full capacity studies. Turkey-Russia is doing studies on the logistics line, our company is Arina Logistics complete truck transportation from the regular weekly partial move, if lowbedd with tractors oversize the refrigerated en transport of heavy transport work, appeals to a wide area to the railway transportation from container shipping, on this occasion, Transport companies in Russia among the preferred institutions in the first place.

Arinat Logistics offers partial transportation services from its warehouses in Istanbul by making regular exits on certain days of the week. Russia partial shipping As a result of the increase in demand recently, our company evaluates all incoming demands by increasing the number of weekly departures and connects them to positive results and transports partial loads to all regions of Russia in a short period of 7-8 days. Our comprehensive freight trucks engaged in exports and imports between Russia and Turkey often make use of transport by road route to Georgia.

Asian and Far Eastern countries from Russia to transport the transportation through Turkey as a transit pass, which enabled the planned production processes as well as our company is to ship Indirect or direct service groups within the scope of this load third countries.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Iran Transportation Companies

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