Mayor İmamoğlu: 'The Cost of Channel Istanbul Question Mark'

channel istanbul
channel istanbul

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlumade its 20th district municipality visit to Sultanbeyli. Imamoglu answered the questions of journalists during the field investigation he made in Sultanbeyli.

Kanal For the channel Istanbul, whose financing was discussed, Mr. Minister said yesterday '15 billion dollars'. Previously 75 billion pounds were spoken. What about these question marks about financing? In the EIA report, if Channel Istanbul happens, there are quarters to be moved from that region. How will you address those neighborhoods? Because it is claimed that there are too many grievances in the expropriated areas… ”

At one time '75 billion pounds' was called. At one point it was called '$ 20 billion.' Now it's called '$ 15 billion'. Mr. Minister, one person asks; 'How many cubic meters of excavation will be released, what is the unit cost? That's how much bridge will be built, the unit cost and the total approximate cost. ' You're a top down. This country has contractors, technical people who have done billions of dollars in business. At one time, the cost arises in one day. Why round words? This country has billions of dollars in business, contractors, consulting firms, technical people. Why such round words? Is this a piece of cake? $ 15 billion, $ 20 billion, $ 75 billion… This subject is not child's play. This is a serious matter. It is an issue that a large part of the people of Istanbul oppose. Cost about 'five billion dollars per year will earn revenue from ships' is said. What can I say? I do not believe in a rhetoric of a minister who believes that his nephew crosses the street for half an hour. Let us, the people of Istanbul, institutions, the cost of a beat. Let's see the cost? Is it realistic or not? What are the other building costs? There are over one million cities being designed. In my opinion, this figure is higher, 1 million.

I have told you. 'This business has increased to one hundred billions, two hundred billion screens on the screen would not save' I said. You'll see. Together we will see how high the cost. Unpredictable costs are also excluded. Especially if you have put earthwork and infrastructure inside, if there is no concrete information about the mud layers below twenty thirty meters, God bless the city! God bless on many issues, but that's the cost aspect. Therefore, these cost figures are not realistic, there is an attitude away from the principle of open information to the public, to make people confuse by splashing a number every day. After that, we make more concrete criticisms. With expropriation, this is the beginning of people from their neighborhoods, from their living spaces. These screams will find hundreds of thousands. We see the map there. We see Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy on the map.

This is the beginning. You will see howl. As people have been living in their homes for fifty years and a hundred years, they will also sell to people who dream of 'Go there, build cooperative houses and build houses'. When this side was discussed, the EIA report was hung, now the plans were suspended and the expropriation letter was immediately written. Whose news? Is that possible? Turkey and Istanbul so that capsized, a process so busy that morning until the evening, to keep the mind. People in Sultanbeyli have deed problems for years. People have been working here for 30 years for a solution. To own the place, to own the nests. You come from where they have lived for 30 years, "Come bye," you say. Not like this place, zoned ready places. These things aren't that easy. Take people from their places and bring them to and fro. Is this a piece of cake? As long as they look a little. This is a separate trauma. If the channel process continues like this, we will hear hundreds of thousands of people scream. I hope this won't happen. I hope this won't work. Hopefully this will come back. Turkey is in Istanbul on behalf of on behalf of a trauma he said.

N What was discussed at your meeting in Sultanbeyli? Have important decisions been taken for Sultanbeyli? Do you have any project to bring Sultanbeyli in the future? ”

The meeting we held today is the harmonious working cooperation meeting with the districts. Today, we have had very important dialogue and cooperation with our Mayor of Sultanbeyli. Here, the existing projects of the Metropolitan, unfinished works, shortcomings, previously designed but not yet started works were discussed. These include transportation, the process of the newly launched Çekmeköy-Sultanbeyli metro line. For example; They conveyed their problems regarding IETT lines. In order to act actively about their solutions, we immediately left our friend in charge of IETT, a table was set up and they are working. Within a week, the officials of the two sides will come together and find solutions for the transportation issues. Particularly in the east of Istanbul, on the Anatolian side, after Marmaray and the subway came into play, we found that people had difficulties in communicating on the north-south line. We gave her a good news. The work on him is in its final phase. Especially our friends are very interested in Sultanbeyli. A system is in place to enable our citizens to reach the subway or tram by IETT buses and to make their transfers free of charge. This will be very fruitful for Sultabeyli. We gave her the good news. He's on his way to the UKOME stage. The room representatives were there. It was very democratic, Mr. President. He invited the mayors. We had a very fruitful meeting.

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