Minister Turhan Entered the New Year with KGM Employees in Bolu Mountain

minister turhan entered the new yolu bolu mountain with kgm employees
minister turhan entered the new yolu bolu mountain with kgm employees

Anatolian Highway and D-100 highway, the Bolu section of the route that meets the employees of the Highways Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Cankurtaran site visited the Maintenance Operation Chief, where employees drank tea.

Afterwards, Minister Turhan made examinations in the operating chief control room in Bolu Mountain Tunnel, and received information from the chief Murteza Beşiroğlu about the road condition and the studies in 2019.

Speaking here, Turhan said, “These roads, especially the roads you maintain and operate, are one of the most important transportation axes of our country. It serves regional, national and international traffic. At this time of the night, we now watch the traffic passing through all parts of the route from the screens here. Especially heavy vehicles, trucks, trucks, buses flow everywhere. This is an important service. ” said.

Minister Turhan emphasized that the failure of transportation is also very important for the future of the country. “These rotating wheels are the bright signs of our future. The more vehicles pass, it is an indication that our economy is doing well. For this reason, the service you provide means that people can reach the destination where the traffic will go without interruption, the transportation of the goods transported, and a very important need is met in the social and economic life of the people. ” he spoke.

Then press Turhan made a statement to reporters, the 2020 Turkey, the Turkish nation and wishes to be a year in which the facility for world peace and tranquility.

Cahit Turhan stated that the personnel working at the Directorate of Operation are working with determination to ensure that the traffic on the roads continue safely, safely and comfortably, 24 hours a day, “Of course, in every corner of our country, we provide these services with 140 thousand transportation families in road, rail, airline and sea transportation. we give. Transportation and communication service is an important service in the social and economic life of our people. It is very important to give this uninterruptedly to make life easier. ” used the expression.

"Be prepared for winter" warning to drivers

Especially Turkey's geographical location where due to the winter climate conditions should occasionally snowy, icy, Turhan Pointing out that rainy, told me they conducted studies in all transport family to avoid any disruption in transportation during the winter months.

Minister Turhan stated that they prepared for the winter by doing maintenance and repair on the roads and said, “However, it should not be forgotten; It is important for our drivers traveling on these roads to maintain their vehicles ready for winter. It is in their best interest to be procured on the way and to learn the climate, road conditions and road conditions related to the route they will travel, on the website of the Highways. I find it useful to remind this. ” spoke in the form.

Although they try to keep the roads open, Turhan pointed out that they may have to close the roads to transportation in order not to jeopardize the safety of life and property due to the climate disaster, type and snow that may occur from time to time and continued his speech as follows:

“In addition to these technical measures, we take tactical safety measures with our safety forces, especially on our roads passing through high elevations in the mountains; so that our people are not victimized on the road, their lives are not at risk. For this purpose, we recommend that they follow the traffic rules and obey the warnings of the traffic officers, both in order to help the inspections of our police forces, the work of the officers or not to risk their own lives. ”

After his speech, Bolu Mountain Tunnel section of the highway serving the staff eating highways Turhan, D-100 highway Bolu Mountain also visited the Chief of Business Administration.



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