Istanbul Adalar Was Released from Carriage Waste

Istanbul islands got rid of phaeton waste
Istanbul islands got rid of phaeton waste

📩 21/11/2021 08:58

In Buyukada, which has been struggling with horse diseases in recent weeks, waste generated by phaetons and left by guests has been cleared by IMM teams. A total of 25 tons of garbage collected was loaded onto the ship and moved to the waste transfer center in Istanbul.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has speeded up the city's cleaning activities after the storm experienced in the past weeks. Following the Kilyos beaches, İBB subsidiary İSTAÇ, which turned its route to Adalar, collected 25 tons of garbage from Büyükada.

14 barns in 140 blocks where there are stables belonging to İSPARK in Buyukada were first disinfected by the İBB Sanitary Directorate teams. The barns were disinfected again after hand sweeping teams cleaned the fertilizers. General cleaning and disinfection of the barns were also provided to the washing vehicles by disinfecting the disinfectant medicine provided by the District Directorate of Agriculture.

İSTAÇ cleaned the coasts as well as the horse stables in Buyukada during the cleaning works that it started with a group of 5 coastal vehicles and a team of 30 people 1 week ago. Cleaning works were carried out on the slopes of the İSPARK stables meeting the sea. Within the scope of the studies, a total of 5 tons of waste was collected with nearly 25 thousand nylon bags. The waste was loaded onto the ship and moved to the waste transfer center in Istanbul.

Buyukada main streets, squares and streets were also cleaned with mechanical sweeping and mechanical washing vehicles. Along with the drugs put in the water tank, the washing tools were also disinfected.

Cleaning and disinfection of horse stables in Heybeliada and Burgazada started as of today. 17 staff and 80 personnel participate in the works.

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