Gaziantep Nizip Buses to Start

gaziantep nizip raybus flights begin
gaziantep nizip raybus flights begin

Nizip Mayor Mehmet Sari, Gaziantep and Nizip district rail service will serve on the rail system will be more secure and comfortable, he said.

Mehmet Sarı, Mayor of Nizip, said, dev The giant project, which started with a huge service sharing to Nizip on October 31st and started to work in the coming days with the support, contributions and efforts of the Mayor of Gaziantep, Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, and deputies. Between Nizip, peaceful comfortable comfortable transportation will provide Raybus, get better in our country.

Head yellow, and Gaziantep Nizip between the Republic of Turkey State Railways will use the existing 49-kilometer line. The bus that will depart from Nizip station on the existing line will make public transportation in the area up to TCDD Station at Gaziantep İstasyon Square. The road between Gaziantep and Nizip is planned to be 1 hour. Gazientep students and citizens going for business will have the opportunity to travel comfortably and safely, raybüs to the county said good luck.


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