Channel Istanbul Herald of International Problems

channel istanbul harbinger of international problems
channel istanbul harbinger of international problems

Speaking at the Channel Istanbul Workshop, Lawyer and Ambassador Att. Rıza Türmen and retired Rear Admiral Türker Ertürk said that the channel to be established would lead to new problems at the international level.

In the session titled ukuki Legal Framework and Security ği directed by Eren Sönmez, 1st Legal Counsel of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Galatasaray University Faculty of Law Assoc. Dr. Ceren Zeynep Pirim, Chairman of Istanbul Bar Association Att. Dr. Mehmet Durakoğlu, lawyer and ambassador. Rıza Türmen, Retired Guide Captain Saim Oğuzülgen and Retired Brigadier Türker Ertürk spoke.


The first speaker in the session, Assoc. Dr. Ceren Zeynep Pirim, unlike economic and scientific ways of international law should be examined, he said. In summary, Pirim said:

“As a result of the Montreux Straits Convention we signed in 1936, our dominance in the Straits is increasing. The agreement puts 6 different elements for the ships that will cross the Bosphorus. Montreux The real significance of warships in peacetime in Turkey stipulates that prior notice should indicate by. This also increases the security of the neighboring countries that have a coast to the Black Sea. According to the agreement, ships of countries that do not have a coast to the Black Sea cannot stay in the Black Sea for more than 21 days.

Montreux authorizes the closure of the Straits in time of war. Straits are within the scope of international law remains even in the country and the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits, Turkey is in favor of a contract. A new adok arrangement will be accepted in case of cancellation of the contract and I present the result to your discretion. If the Montreux Straits Convention expires, the Straits will be examined as two separate waterways and will be excluded from the scope of transit. The cancellation of the Montreux Straits Convention will result in the destruction of the rule of warplanes not passing through the Straits. It is clear that the contract is in our best interest, not to put it at risk. Turkey's agreement to continue without disturbing the status quo needs. "


Assoc. Dr. Ceren Zeynep Pirim'den lawyer and ambassador after the speech. Rıza Türmen said that the initiative to open a channel parallel to the side of the Bosphorus is not unique in the world and that the relevant channel opening attempt should be explained to people. Montreux and Lausanne Treaty are Turkey's founding treaty.

Türmen said the following:

“The Turkish Straits have exceptional features, just like the Danish Straits. Cancellation of the contract will eliminate this exception. Looking back, we see Russia's stable attitude towards the Straits. Russia sees the Black Sea as a closed sea. The disappearance of Montreux will lead to a change in Russia's understanding of the Black Sea.

While the ships passing through the Bosphorus charge a service fee of 0.90 USD per ton, the channel fee is defined as 5 USD per ton. Why should ships prefer a more expensive and slower system when it is cheaper? The channel will cause Russia to shift its activities from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea due to these costs. After all these situations, I could not find out why Kanal Istanbul should be built. ”


Lawyer and ambassador. Riza Türmen'in then speaking retired Rear Admiral Türker Ertürk, stressed that Channel Istanbul is a freak. Channel Istanbul is a ball of problems, noted that retired Rear Admiral Ertürk, said that since 2011, this project has been struggling. Ertürk, said:

“The discussion, amendment and even cancellation of the Montreux Straits Convention is in favor of countries that want to implement the agreement, which allowed transit, such as America and Britain, adopted in 1982. The channel results in increasing its dominance in the Black Sea, which is the only sea America cannot comfortably enter all over the world. No matter how wide its channel is, how wide the channel is, it cannot provide as much opportunities as the Bosphorus. Decisions regarding the construction or not of the channel should be made by taking the opinions of the institutions owned by the country such as the General Staff. ”


Chairman of the Board of Istanbul Bar Association Att. Mehmet Durakoğlu said that the best publication of the discussions was to teach the Montreux Straits Convention to the whole nation. Durakoğlu stated that the channel is in the stage of attempting a crime against the city and said, ler Those who run the city oppose the political activities of the power. This situation is of great importance, although it is not seen much. I would like to look at it from the perspective of urban concept in the European Cities Conditions. The Kanal Istanbul project is opposed to previously signed international conventions. Citizens should not forget that people wait in the queues until midnight to appeal the EIA Report. A great lawlessness prevails. I anticipate that the inclusion of the channel in residential areas will increase cases. Our Bar Association will follow this issue ”.


The last speaker, retired pilot Saim Oğuzülgen, stated that the contract on the straits imposed on us before Lausanne was ruled in our country for 13 years. Saying that the independence in the seas came with the Montreux Straits Agreement, Oğuzülgen stated that some countries wanted the Straits to be seen internationally.

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