Boztepe will experience change with these projects

boztepe will change with these projects
boztepe will change with these projects

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues projects that will make a change in Boztepe, one of the most important viewing terraces of the city. Carrying out a feverish work in Boztepe to give citizens an insatiable army pleasure, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to complete the works before the summer season comes.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Coşkun Alp, who examined the "Boztepe Touch the Clouds Landscaping and Stone Wall Construction Work" and "Boztepe Sales Units Buffet and Landscape Arrangement Projects" on site, and gave instructions to speed up the work by getting information from the authorities.


Within the scope of the project of 11.159 m² in total, Boztepe Touch the Clouds Landscaping and Stone Wall Construction Work Landscaping Project; 4.100 m stone wall, 371-vehicle car park project, environmental lighting project, rainwater and infrastructure projects will be implemented. Stone wall fabrications have been completed in the project, 94 percent of which have been completed. Rainwater lines are about to be completed. Field concrete casting process continues. Then, stone pavement production will begin. The project is planned to be completed in February.


In Boztepe, an average of 7 m wide and 600 m long axle, which is currently used as a vehicle road, has been designed. Within the scope of Boztepe Sales Units Buffet and Landscape Arrangement Construction Work, the entire area was closed to vehicle traffic in a controlled manner. Within the area planned and projected as a walking axis, a green roof, type architectural model was determined for counters that sell irregularly, and a total of 27 sales units were designed. Leveling work for field concrete continues within the scope of the project, whose infrastructure work, electricity and rainwater line works have been completed.


Coşkun Alp, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, who studies the works on site, said, “Our teams are working to realize the environmental planning of the Boztepe Tap the Cloud Project, to organize the recreation areas there and also to implement the Pedestrianization project in Boztepe. We tendered the infrastructure of the project to create a comfortable pedestrian path from the cable car top station to the viewing area. YEDAŞ's work has been completed within 600 meters. We instructed the contractor. We aim to complete the works in April. Before summer comes, people will have an area where they can easily walk in Boztepe. After the pedestrianization project is completed, the construction of the sales units we have planned in April will be completed. Thanks to this area, where handicrafts as well as local products can be sold, the ugly image in Boztepe will disappear and healthy, tidy places will be created. The viewing terrace will also open in front. Touch the clouds project will be a project where there will be a parking area. Thanks to the project, an area where citizens can park their vehicles will be created. Good luck for all of us. ”



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