The Most Peaceful Place in Istanbul Eyüpsultan The Most Overwhelming Place Metrobus

The most peaceful place in Istanbul is eyupsultan and the most overwhelming place is metrobus
The most peaceful place in Istanbul is eyupsultan and the most overwhelming place is metrobus

The Mental Health Association examined the location-based emotion sharing of individuals in the 'CheckFeel' application and mapped out the feeling map of the venues in Istanbul. With the application reaching nearly 10 thousand users, emotions were shared in nearly 150 thousand places. The president of the association is Dr. Ömer Akgül talked about the works.

People share their feelings from their location. The most dominant feeling among the emotions accumulated in that location is the soul of that place. Because what actually creates a space is not its physical structure but its soul. For example, even if you demolish the Çanakkale Monument, you cannot demolish the Dardanelles spirit. Because the spirit of the ratio existed before that monument. In other words, the noble is the soul, the place is the proxy.

The application allows to see the spirit of the space. Thus, people can travel to the places that best reflect the emotion they want to feel. We call it 'emotion tourism'. In fact, it is not the taste of coffee but the feeling it feels.


We travel the places because of the feeling that they actually live there. People are traveling somewhere with the effect of social media. These opinions are about the material dimension such as taste and visual presentations on social media. However, since human is not only a material entity, but also has a mana dimension, we have implemented such a mobile application in order to highlight the meaning, spirit, and emotion of the space. In different seasons of the year, on different days of the week or even at different times of the day, the same place can host multiple emotions. People sometimes choose places to find their emotions, and sometimes to get rid of their emotions. In other words, people act with the motto 'go where emotion takes you' with the feelings of the season, day and time. For example, in our study, the season in which the romantic feelings are most intensely felt in the Maiden's Tower, the weekend in days and the sunset hours in hours emerged.


The most peaceful place: Eyüpsultan

The most overwhelming place: Metrobus

The most spacious place: Camlica Hill

The most exciting place: Grand Bazaar

The most cheerful place: Istiklal Street

The most loyal place: Sultanahmet

Most romantic place: Maiden's Tower

The most complicated place: Stadiums

The saddest place: Karacaahmet

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