Istanbul Airport Passenger Banner Ends

Istanbul airport ended with a banner
Istanbul airport ended with a banner

It was forbidden to wait for passengers with banners at Istanbul Airport. A new area will be created for the reception of passengers.

Istanbul Airport Regional Executive Ismail Sanli, in accordance with the decision taken by the security commission, lifting the banner in the terminal waiting for passengers was terminated.

A new area will be created for passengers. Those who come to this area will be charged after 31 March.

Sanli said that they have put the ”meeting lounge” sections into service in order to avoid confusion at the exit of the terminal.

Kişi The person who comes here will know who he is waiting for. When the passenger specifies the name, he will meet with the guest and continue on his way. So when the customer arrives, 'Who will meet me, where?' We have also eliminated a bit of uneasiness like. In the point of preventing pirate activities 'meeting lounge' will eda important mission. With the development of tourism in our country, it will add strength to the point of preventing undesirable behaviors that operate under the name of hanutçuluk. ”

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