Dilek İmamoğlu Supports IETT's First Female Drivers

wish imamogludan iettnin to support the first female sofor candidates
wish imamogludan iettnin to support the first female sofor candidates

Dilek İmamoğlu paid a visit to support the first female driver candidates of IETT. Imamoglu in the visit to Istanbul IETT Kağıthane Garage, 'According to women, not work, people according to work' emphasized. Imamoglu was very busy with female drivers.

Adopting the principles of gender equality and women's employment, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has announced the procurement of women's drivers to IETT for the first time in its history. After the preliminary assessments, 9 female drivers who were entitled to receive training came to the end of their in-class training since 3 December.

Women drivers could not hide their happiness when they saw Dilek İmamoğlu, the wife of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu on the first day of the last stage of the Hat Applied Line Training olan.


Dilek İmamoğlu, who was welcomed by IETT General Manager Alper Kolukısa, was firstly informed about the trainings.

Afterwards, Imamoglu participated in the simulation vehicle with the candidates and then took a test drive with the real vehicle. “He said that he believes that women will be very successful in every field of life:

Uz For the first time in the history of IETT, we are happy to see such an event happen. A very important step in terms of gender equality. This will continue. Moreover, it will continue to increase. We want to finish the period of 'suitable job for women' in life. We adopt the principle of human being, not suitable for women. It is evident that women perform every job successfully. Because women are mothers. With women, everything will be better. ”

After the test drive, coming together with female drivers, Imamoglu listened with great interest to the story of each woman starting the profession. The conversation took place in an intimate atmosphere and there were occasional laughs.


Dilek Imamogu with a visit to the support of women's drivers read happiness, career selection stories with great excitement told.

Expressing that the childhood dream of bus driver Ayşin Connected, expressed that he fell in love with the sound of buses. Bound, there is nothing women can not express, "I sat in the bus seat when I first felt like a 40-year driver," he said.

Hacer Uzun, who is a true lover of Istanbul, stated that he received his driving license in class E in 2005 and his only dream has been bus driver since then. Uzun stated that the trainings were meticulously given:

De We are almost through the needle hole in the trainings. We thought the bus was the hardest. At the end of the trainings we learned that the easiest way to use the bus. ”

One of the prominent names of women drivers is Ayşe Kurt. 20 years ago from Romania to Turkey, the only one that year but could not come to work because he loves our country back Kurt said, expressing the following:

“I promise we will be very successful”

Üm I was a truck driver in Romania. After I got a bus license here, I looked for work. Has been active in Bus Inc. for 5 years. I work at. I would like to thank Mr. İmamoğlu for giving us this opportunity. I promise you we will be very successful.

Women drivers expressed their thanks to Mayor İmamoğlu for providing the opportunity to realize his childhood dreams.

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