Industrial Panel PC Usage in Railway Transportation Monitoring Systems

use of industrial panel pc in railway transport monitoring systems
use of industrial panel pc in railway transport monitoring systems

Industrial Panel PC Use in Railway Transportation Monitoring Systems; With the rapid development of urbanization, rail transport has become the backbone of the urban public transport network due to its large passenger capacity, low carbon environmental protection, convenience, punctuality, fast speed and other features.

At the same time, the level of monitoring and automation requirements of the railway safety operation are further increasing, which is the basis for the railway crossing monitoring system of high-tech automated manufacturing enterprises. industrial panel PC with touch screenand provide the opportunity to take steps. This created an opportunity for industrial panel pcs to enter the smart rail transport industry.

The safety protection device at the end of the train is a special transport safety device developed to increase the safety of rail transport after the goods cancel the train guards when the train is unattended. The equipment is designed and manufactured using computer coding, wireless remote control, voice synthesis and computer processing technology to ensure the safety of train operation. It is also an important railway enterprise safety protection device.

With the development of standards, management methods and related technologies of the train set device, the stability and reliability of the train set device has been increased and its functions have been enriched. At the same time, it is increasingly important to guarantee automatic safety of train queue fixing equipment, especially in the case of the increased intensity and intensity of rail freight transport, the increasing complex freight organization and the increased level of freight security.

As the information monitoring platform in the automatic sensing device, the EN50155 certified touch panel industrial PC is equipped with a high-resolution display built into the sensing host that can transfer the operating information of the train queue operating device to the operator and information security. Due to the common wireless communication in the operation of the railway system, the product can operate in a high-power RF system environment.

Vibration and impact are inevitable in the rail transit system. Therefore, excellent shock resistance is essential for the rail transit system. With its waterproof performance and more powerful and reliable performance, the industrial panel PC can effectively resist vibrations and impacts and ensure safe and reliable operation of the system. In particular, the EN50155 certification fulfills this requirement.

Rail vehicles generally operate in a variable temperature environment; this, all industrial panel PCmeans that they need to support a wide operating temperature. At the same time, the voltage is subject to a sudden voltage shock when the vehicle starts or stops. Therefore, all devices must support wide power input. Its fan-cooled design is also required for industrial computers in harsh environments. It can effectively reduce the ingress of dust and prevent system failure.

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