TransportationPark Ready for Earthquakes and Fires

ulasimpark prepared for earthquakes and fires
ulasimpark prepared for earthquakes and fires

The story of the drill that took place in the General Directorate of TransportationPark, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, did not search for the truth. Istanbul Silivri 7.1-magnitude earthquake began in the exercise began to sound sirens. In the earthquake lasting 20 seconds, the personnel created the triangle area of ​​life by applying the rule of collapse - hold - hold, where they were previously trained. At the end of the concussion, workers gathered in the Emergency Assembly area using the nearest emergency exits calmly, quickly and quickly. When the outputs are realized, from the announcement system used in emergencies; earthquake drill is done, please don't worry.


The personnel gathered in a short time in the pre-determined Emergency Congregation area and the security teams provided security in the area. The personnel in charge went to close the electricity, gas and water valves. Personnel in charge of closing the gas valve, the fire tube after seeing the fire first intervened in the fire. The personnel who contacted the control center also realized the fire alarm. The control center immediately contacted 112 and reported a fire. The information about the fire was immediately transferred to General Manager of TransportationPark Salih Kumbar.


Kumbar, the General Manager of the crisis center and the Deputy Dr. Victory Aydin, the staff wanted to go to the emergency area of ​​the fire staff. Teams leading to the region where the fire broke out realized the first intervention. Kumbar who want the list of personnel in the building of the emergency team responsible, gave information that 1 staff is not in the meeting area. Kumbar immediately instructed the team to check the building. When the team came to the 1st floor open offices area, a staff member was shocked but he was conscious. Wounded personnel, first aid intervention was made by bringing to the Emergency Assembly Area.

Fire Brigade and 112 teams arrived at the scene

Firefighters and 112 Emergency Ambulance teams in the last phase of the exercise, was transferred to the scene as soon as possible. The staff in charge of incoming fire and wounded teams met at the door to transfer information. The emergency personnel brought to the Emergency Assembly Area, 112 Emergency Ambulance Teams were sent to the hospital for the purpose of control by making the necessary medical intervention. Firefighters extinguished the fire and made the cooling process.


Necessary reports after reaching the Crisis Center General Manager Kumbar, by searching for senior managers provided information about the earthquake occurred. At the same time, the governor of the crisis center was called and information was received about the roads with low density. Crisis desk was provided by a bus to send female personnel to their homes with service vehicles. Salih Kumbar made a public announcement with the crisis center general announcement system and said, tatbik The exercise was successfully completed. I would like to thank all our employees for their dedicated efforts. ”

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