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turkey manuscripts agency
turkey manuscripts agency

Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey Authoring Works Agency has published a new recruitment ads in the official newspaper dated December 30, 2019. According to the announcement, which depends on the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Authoring Works Agency, the type shown below with the KPSS score 60 basis points to 26 staff at the reception will be held.

Turkey Authoring Works Agency solved located in Manuscript Central Organization Deputy Experts, including two-stage written and oral intake to make the team "competition test" will be held.


1. To fulfill the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2. Librarianship, archiving, information and document management, Turkish language and literature, Arabic language and literature, Persian language and literature, history, faculty of theology, History of Science, Arabic Language Teaching, Elementary Religious Culture and Moral Education, English Theology, Islam and To be graduated from the departments or faculties of Religious Sciences, Islamic Sciences, Comparative Literature, Sociology, History Teaching, Turkish Language and Literature Teaching or the equivalent of these by Higher Education Council or to have a doctorate in these fields,

3. Not to have reached the age of thirty five on the date of the first day of January of the year in which the entrance examination is held,

4. At least one of the KPSSP-2018, KPSSP-1, KPSSP-2, KPSSP-3, KPSSP-4, KPSSP-5, KPSSP-6, KPSSP7 score types of Public Personnel Selection Examination held by OSYM in 8 as of the application deadline sixty (60) points. 5. It is required to have a score from KPDS-YDS (C) or equivalent level of exams accepted by Higher Education Council from any of the English, French, German, Arabic and Persian languages ​​which are determined by the Presidency as the priority language of need.


1. In order to attend the assistant examination competition, the application form to be filled out on the website of the Presidency together with the following documents must be submitted to the Presidency Personnel and Support Services Department until 30.01.2020- 14.02.2020 in person or by post.

a) Original or photocopy of KPSS result document or computer printout,

b) The original of the diploma of higher education or temporary certificate of graduation or the copy approved by the Presidency,

c) Original copy of the result document or the sample approved by the Presidency of those who have received the equivalent score of the exams accepted by KPDS-YDS or the Higher Education Council,

d) Two passport size photographs (4,5 × 6 cm),

e) Background of the candidate.

2. The exams of those who are found to have made false declarations are considered invalid and are not appointed. It is canceled even if it has been assigned. They cannot claim any rights and a criminal complaint is filed with the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in order to apply the relevant provisions of the Turkish Penal Code.

3. Delays in the post and applications not made within the time specified in the announcement shall not be considered. However, the applications required by mail should be submitted to the Presidency by the deadline specified in the announcement. Applications submitted to the Presidency after the deadline due to the delay in the mail shall not be processed.

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