Mayor Altay made a statement about Konya Metro and other investments

president altay konya subway and other investments made a statement
president altay konya subway and other investments made a statement

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Ugur Ibrahim Altay, met with members of the press in Konya made the agenda evaluation.

Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, met with representatives of local and national press organizations in the city and evaluated the agenda. World Municipalities Association Co-Chairman of Konya and Turkey is very important in terms of the representation of emphasizing the President Altai, Konya Metro, Ardıçlı TOKI, spoke about the investment vital to Konya as a new industrial site.

Seljuk Convention Center in organized programs Speaking at the Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, the United World Union of Municipalities and Cities and Local Governments Association (UCLG), recalling elected Co-chair of the task, it was extremely important in terms of representation in Turkey and Konya told.

We witnessed the realization of a dream in Konya

Mayor Altay, who made statements about the latest status of investments in Konya, said that they witnessed the realization of a dream of Konya with the subway tender. At the junction of Fatah Street and Kışla Street, 10 thousand people next to the gymnasium 30 thousand square meters next to the construction of the main construction site began to give information to President Altay, “21.1 kilometer-length work will be the first stage of the 22 station. Tender is the largest public investment in Konya. 1 billion 190 million euros will be invested. Considering that Konya-Ankara YHT is an investment of 1 billion dollars, we understand how important the work is for Konya. The work is scheduled to be completed in 4 year. Vehicle purchases were undertaken by Konya Metropolitan Municipality. In the last period, all the vehicle purchases of Konya will be undertaken by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. ”


Mayor Altay underlined that they want to complete the process as soon as possible by giving the least inconvenience to Konya during the Metro construction process and said, “We also expect some understanding from the people of Konya. Because temporary problems will arise for permanent solutions. Meanwhile, expropriation works are underway to open three new streets in Karatay, Meram and Seljuks to ease the traffic. Sultan Abdulhamid Khan Street, Celaleddin Karatay Street and Ismail Ketenci Street will open three alternative streets to create a new plan. In 2023, we will start using Konya Metro. I wish it will be beneficial for our city already ”.


President Altay continued his speech by sharing an important progress in the transportation of Old Industry and Karatay Industry: ük We carried out serious studies regarding the determination of the place and the determination of the right holders in the transportation of Old Industry and Karatay Industry. At this point, our 2 bin 776 citizen made a preliminary application and both the payment terms and the square meters of the shops were determined. As of the end of the month, TOKI started to receive official applications through banks. 2 bin 473 citizens have officially registered. Our pre-registered citizen 303 did not register. They were given an additional period of 1 weeks and 100 citizens applied for more. 8 Percentage A significant step has been taken to ensure that all of the total right ownership is owned by a company in the region where Eski Sanayi and Karatay Sanayi will move. We hope that construction works will start there in spring. I hope we will build an industry that will carry our tradesmen to the future in a short time. Konya


Mayor Altay stated that they had implemented one of their promises. “There was an incredible demand for social housing in Konya. As a result of our negotiations with TOKI, the owners of 1.057 housing in Ardıçlı were identified. A tender was held for the first time in Konya in the Organized Industrial Zone with a group of citizens, disabled people, retirees, martyrs, widows, orphans and veterans due to being social housing. Construction of the 1.057 residence is currently underway. Construction walks very quickly. We do not have the opportunity to lay the foundation for what we do. Due to the high demand, a second 1.000 housing project is continuing. Hopefully TOKI will resume the operation of a second 1.000 residence in the Ardıçlı area. A city is being built with its school, mosque and social areas. I wish this to be beneficial to our city ”.


Konya is also in an important preparation these days, emphasizing President Altay, 746. In the Vuslat Anniversary International Commemoration Ceremonies programs, Konya will host tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world, and as the Metropolitan, they have made all kinds of preparations, and the opening ceremony in December 7 Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Institution, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and Health Minister Fahrettin Koca stating that he will participate.

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