Samsun Sivas Railway Line New Development!

new development on samsun sivas railway line
new development on samsun sivas railway line

Warning from Samsun Metropolitan Municipality to TCDD: 'City traffic is locked' Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Stating that the train crossing at the Atatürk Boulevard Kılıçdede Junction Level Crossing of the Samsun - Sivas Railway line in İlkadım district will cause major blockages in the city traffic, TCDD 4th Zone He sent a letter to his directorate.

The 378-kilometer Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) Railway line was completed on September 30, 1931. After a two-year delay on the Samsun-Sivas Railway, which was closed to transportation due to renewal work on September 29, 2015 and could not be opened despite the intervening 4 years, we will start trial drives for weeks. There was a significant improvement before the test drives started. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality sent a letter to TCDD 4th Regional Directorate to find an urgent solution, stating that the train crossing at the Atatürk Boulevard Kılıçdede Junction Level Crossing of the Samsun - Sivas Railway line will cause great blockages in the city traffic.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, TCDD 4. Regional Directorate 2 December 2019 dated article, the Samsun-Sivas railway opening to traffic with the crossing of Kılıçdede said the urban traffic will be jammed. The opening of the gate, the most optimistic road traffic 2 minutes, in the normal scenario 3, -4 minutes, the number of trains and wagons to increase if the number of 6-8 minutes will be cut, said that it is impossible for the city.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ilhan Bayram in the letter sent by the signature, "In case of train crossings Kılıçdede Junction, highway traffic will have to wait between 2 and 4 minutes" by emphasizing the "In this case, Ataturk Boulevard backward Junction Junction, Muhittin Ozkefeli Boulevard Istiklal Street, ' kilitlen will be locked along the street, especially during peak hours in the city center is expected to cause a lot of traffic ”said.


In the article, "Atatürk Boulevard, which has a daily average vehicle traffic of over 70.000, will cause a much bigger problem in the wheeled vehicle traffic if there are trains passing across each other, there will be similar blockages in certain time zones at the weekend when shopping centers and small industrial sites are busy. It is argued that if the increasing traffic load is taken into account, the railway level and train crossings may become impossible in a short time, and the train traffic will increase with the activation of the line to the logistics center ”.


As a permanent solution of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, ı To ensure uninterrupted crossing with multi-level junction (underpass or overpass), to implement a multi-level (under or overpass) system to ensure uninterrupted crossing that will not prevent traffic circulation of shopping centers and small industrial sites s stresses the necessity.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in the article, the final solution until the time of entry into the solution that will affect the urban transport at least, or at times of heavy traffic, at least 2 minutes of road traffic to interrupt the train flights wanted to be made.


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