EIA Report of Kanal İstanbul Project Accepted

IMM's Explanation on Kanal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol
IMM's Explanation on Kanal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol

EIA Report of Kanal İstanbul Project was Accepted: The Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum gave information about the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA) of Kanal Istanbul at the Construction Activities Evaluation Meeting held at the Housing Development Administration.

On a question regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA) of Kanal Istanbul, the Authority said that they work with all the details of the report with NGOs, academicians and universities and that they are trying to take measures to minimize the environmental impact.

“Remaining Istanbul Project is the freedom project of the Bosphorus, it is a project of protection and rescue. Bakan

Ik We are nearing the end of the EIA process, and our EIA report will be released as of next week. We carry out both the EIA report and the 1 / 100.000 scale planning process with the Ministry in a way that there are no obstacles to the implementation of the project. Our project will be an exemplary project unique in the world. With the understanding of horizontal urbanization, a new population of 500 thousand has been designed in the region. This 500 thousand population is not from a place outside of Istanbul but consists of areas where reserve houses will be produced and hospitals, universities and schools will be built. Within this framework, our sensitivities are at the highest point. I hope we will be at the end of the EIA process as of next week. ”

“It does not create a situation that will negatively affect the need for water”

Answering the question regarding the allegations that Istanbul will be dehydrated if the Channel Istanbul Project is implemented, the Minister said: When the project made by Melen was completed, all the arguments that would meet the water need of Istanbul for 4 years were considered and projected accordingly. Therefore, the decrease in water resources in the region does not constitute a situation that will negatively affect Istanbul's water need. ”

As regards the claim that the construction sites around Kanal Istanbul were sold; Iz We do not allow a land swap or land rent in that region, nor did we do so in any project. On the contrary, we carried out the process of gaining more citizens and receiving more value from the projects. In this region, there is not any land situation that has been recovered before the project and the project is progressing in this context. There is such a rumor about the Sheikh of Qatar. Regarding him, there is a land of 44 thousand square meters. It is also a plot taken 6 months ago or 7, 8 months ago, so this is not true. Land

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