New Year's buses in Izmir İZBAN and Metro Will Work Until Morning

in izmir in the beginning of the year the buses will work izban and metro until morning
in izmir in the beginning of the year the buses will work izban and metro until morning

İzmir will enter the new year with Ozan Doğulu. The concert will begin at Cumhuriyet Square at 22.30. Public transport services will be organized until New Year's Eve.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed its final preparations for the New Year celebrations. The people of Izmir will greet the New Year with Ozan Dogulu in Cumhuriyet Square. The concert will start at 22.30 at Cumhuriyet Square. ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses, metro and tram lines and İZDENİZ ferries will serve with additional services on New Year's Eve. The Izmir Suburb (İZBAN), which is run jointly by İBB and TCDD, will make additional flights until the morning of 31 December, which connects to 1 January.

43 hours nonstop service on Metro and Tram

Izmir Metro and Konak Karşıyaka trams will operate until morning of New Year's Eve.
The flights, which start at 31 on Tuesday morning, 2019 December 06.00, will end at midnight on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. Thus, 43 hours of uninterrupted service will be provided in metro and tram lines.

Hourly flight after midnight in İZBAN

The trains from Aliağa to Tepeköy will depart at 00.41 and 02.41. These trains
Menemen from 01.01 to 04.01, Halkapınar Transfer Center from 01.40 to 04.40, Alsancak from 01.49 to 04.49, Şirinyer from 02.00 to 05.00 per hour will serve.

The trains that will serve from Aliağa to Tepeköy will depart at 00.29 and 02.29. It will serve from 01.00 to 04.00 from Cumaovası, from 01.10 to 04.10 from Gaziemir, from 01.21 to 04.21 from Şirinyer and from 01.34 to 04.34 from Alsancak.

İZBAN opening hours on New Year's Eve
İZBAN opening hours on New Year's Eve

ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses

A total of 12.00 flights will be made in five regions after 55. In five regions, owl flights on five separate lines will be held every half an hour until morning. On January 1, the market tariff will be applied. New Year's Eve flights are extended and the last flights are as follows:

Buses 912 and 963 depart from Alsancak Train Station
Buses 42, 72,105, 171, 253, 285, 302, 304, 374, 465, 470 and 01.45 departing from Konak last time of XNUMX
The last flight time of the buses 20, 23, 27, 30, 33, 35, 193, 224, 233, 550, 587 from Bahribaba Transfer Center (Konak) is 01.45
The last flight time for buses 680 and 691 from Lausanne is 01.20
The last time of the bus number 45 departing from customs is 01.45
The last time of the buses 53, 168, 253, 502, 555, 560 and 599 departing from Halkapınar Metro Transfer Center is 01.45; The last flight time of line 681 is 01.20
The last departure time for buses 2, 77, 148 from Halkapınar Metro 240 Transfer Center is 01.45
Buses 268 and 565 departing from Bornova Metro Transfer Center last time 02.00
The last time of bus 3 departing from Evka 114 Metro Transfer Center is 02.05
Buses 7, 17 and 945 departing from Üçkuyular Pier Transfer Center last time 02.05
Buses 8, 311, 969 and 971 departing from Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center last time 02.05; The last flight time of line 18 is 01.45
808 last departure from Cumaovası Transfer Center
891 last departure from Gaziemir District Garage Transfer Center 01.00
The last flight time of buses 295 and 346 from Egekent Transfer Center is 01.55
Buses 342 and 529 departing Çiğli Transfer Center last time 01.50

Owl expeditions

Konak Bahribaba departs on the lines 910, 920, 930, 940 and 950 will have an owl flight every half hour until morning.
Alsancak Karşıyaka'Or; From 00.30 to 04.30, there will be 1 hour intervals.
Karşıyakafrom Alsancak to 23.59 to 04.00 every hour will be made per hour.

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