Ministry of Health to Purchase Assistant Specialist

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health

A total of 24 (twenty-four) assistant health experts will be recruited through the special competition exam to be employed in the vacant positions in the General Administrative Services Class in the service units of the central organization of the Ministry of Health.


a) Applications will start on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 and end on Monday, January 27, 2020, at 18.00:XNUMX.


a) Exam Date: Between 17 February 2020 - 28 February 2020

b) Examination Location: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Bilkent Campus Üniversiteler Mah. 6001. Cad. No: 9 Çankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY

After determining the candidates to take the exam, the General Directorate of Management Services An explanation will be made on the internet address. Candidates test time of at least half an hour before the exam photo identification in places readily available and as they enter (birth certificate, Republic of Turkey Identity Card, driver's license or duration of the current passport), they must be. Candidates who do not have a photo and ID number in the identity document will not be admitted to the exam.


a) To have the general conditions listed in the article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) To have graduated from one of the higher education institutions in Turkey or abroad whose equivalence is accepted by the Council of Higher Education.

c) To have obtained at least 2018 points for each group from the Public Personnel Selection Exams (KPSS) given by ÖSYM in 2019 or 70 for Group A cadres,

d) Not to be 35 years of age as of the first day of January of the year in which the competition exam is held (those who were born 01 January 1985 and later) are required.


Examination applications of the General Directorate of Management Services of the Ministry of Health is Personnel Information System (PBS) available at the internet address.


a) is Health Care Assistant Application Form (signed) filled out in electronic form.

b) 2 passport photos (1 of the photos will be affixed to the place specified in the application form)

c) Notarized or Ministry approved copy of the undergraduate diploma / exit certificate or graduation printout with verification code taken over e-Government Gate.

d) Computerized KPSS results document including the OSYM exam result verification code.

Candidates who have applied for the application must submit their application documents by Thursday, 30 January 2020, until the end of working hours; “TR Ministry of Health Bilkent Campus Üniversiteler Mah. 6001. Cad. No: 9 06800 Çankaya / ANKARA ”, they will either send it by courier company or Express Mail Service (APS) or deliver it by hand. Those who want to deliver their documents by hand can submit them personally or through the people they give their power of attorney. Otherwise, the documents will not be delivered. If the documents sent by courier company or APS or delivered by hand do not reach the Ministry General Documentation Unit on time, the applications of the candidates will not be accepted and the responsibility belongs to the applicant.

Applications for which the application form is not signed will not be accepted.


Candidates will be invited to the competition exam according to the KPSS score stated in the announcement. As a result of the ranking starting from the candidate with the highest KPSS score, all candidates with the same rank as the last ranked candidate will be invited for the oral exam.

Candidates will be ranked according to the higher than the KPSS score type (s) specified in the field they are applying for.

As a result of the examination of the application forms and attached documents; have the conditions specified in the announcement and are entitled to participate in the exam. kazanlist of candidates The candidates will not be notified separately.


Competition exam is one-stage and will be in the form of oral exam.


Candidates in the oral exam will be evaluated in terms of the following features listed in the Appendix 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 41: a) Regarding the subject of the exam (Regarding the curriculum of the graduated departments, the field information topics and the Ministry's field of duty; 657

Civil Servants Law No. 3359, Basic Law on Health Services, Presidential Decree No. 1 (Chapter Twelfth: Ministry of Health) (50 points),

b) Ability to comprehend and summarize a subject, ability to express and reasoning (10 points),

c) The suitability of merit, representation, behavior and reactions to the profession (10 points),

d) Self-confidence, persuasion and persuasiveness (10 points),

e) General talent and general culture (10 points),

f) Openness to scientific and technological developments (10 points).


In order to be successful in the oral examination, the arithmetic average of the scores given by the Chairman and Members of the Competition Exam Board over 100 (one hundred) full points must be at least 70 (seventy).

The final ranking of the candidates taking the competitive exam is made according to the score obtained by the candidate in the oral exam. In case the scores determined in this way are equal, priority is given to the candidate with a high KPSS score. As a result of this ranking, the number of exams stated in the announcement kazanA reserve list is determined, provided that it does not exceed half of the number of assistant experts to be recruited with the main candidate.

Having a score of 70 (seventy) or more in the competition exam does not provide an entitlement for the applicants who do not qualify for the original lists or any priority for subsequent entrance examinations.


Exam result is The candidates will not be notified separately.


Candidates may object to the examination results in writing within 5 (five) days following the date of announcement of the examination results. The objections shall be evaluated and finalized by the Competition Exam Board within 5 (five) days and notified to the concerned in writing.


Appointment procedures of the candidates who are successful in the competition exam to the assistant expert staff will be done by the related unit of the central organization of the Ministry upon the written application to be made within the period specified in the notification to be made to them.

For those who are successful in the competition exam and whose appointments cannot be made due to the lack of adequate staff in accordance with the acquis, full or vacant staff changes will be made within the scope of the provisions of Article 2 of the Presidential Decree No. 7 on the General Staff and Procedure, and appointments will be made after the staff is made available. Within this period, all rights of the said persons to be assigned according to the result of the examination are reserved.

Appointments of those who have not been appointed or who have given up the right of appointment without a valid excuse shall be canceled.


Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health

General Directorate of Management Services

Department of Educational Services / Examination Services Unit

Bilkent Campus Campus Universiteler Mah. 6001. Cad. No: 9 Çankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY

Phone: 0 (312) 585 17 42 - 43 - 44 - 45

It is announced to the public.

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