Financial Institutions Request Treasury Guarantee for Mersin Metro

mersin metro wants to guarantee the treasury of financial institutions
mersin metro wants to guarantee the treasury of financial institutions

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer attended the 28th Anniversary Ball of Mersin Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MESİAD) and the 41st Anniversary Night of Berdan Cıvata. Drawing attention to the importance of the airport for tourism and trade in Mersin, Mayor Seçer said, “The airport must definitely come to life. If there will be tourism, it will be the airport, if there will be trade, it will be the airport. "If people come to Mersin from all over the world in a very short way, with little expense and without wasting time, an international airport is absolutely necessary."

Mersin Industrialists and Business People Association (MESİAD) Chairman Hasan Engin, hosted by the ball, Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer'in, as well as Chairman of the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission and AK Party Mersin Deputy Lutfi Elvan, AK Party Mersin MP Hacı Özkan, Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su, Mediterranean Region and Garrison Commander Rear Admiral Ercan Kireçtepe, Çukurova SIFED President Süleyman Sönmez and the city protocol with a large number of business people participated.

Im I am the mayor who has contact with many of the elected ”

Mentioning that their duties are to serve Mersin, President Seçer started his speech at MESİAD and added that they had to accomplish this together. Seçer mentioned that he is a politician who has spent years in the business world and knows the investment, risk, foreign exchange movements and forehead sweat. “Experience is not sold with money on market shelves, you will give your years. Each year you spend more integration into the community. You no longer work for the community, but for yourself. You can be sure. I have known Mr. Minister for years here, and I had the opportunity to work together. It was great value, great quality, multi-level work environments. I am the mayor who has contact with many of the elected. ”

“We are the main actors of important and valuable works”

Stating that there are important jobs in Mersin, Seçer said, “There are important and valuable jobs in Mersin. We are the main actors of these important valuable works. If we lead for important and valuable works, regardless of the party difference, without political assessment, if we come together in the common denomination of Mersin, we will not face a problem of not revealing the important potentials of this important city. But we have to act. We are also aware of this. We have many values. We can do much better. ”

“Politics is done in Ankara”

Stating that he left politics as a mayor and aimed to serve as Mayor, Seçer said, “Politics is carried out in Ankara. I did that job, I did that task too. It is also discussed there, struggling there, but my duty is the Municipality. I am obliged to serve all my citizens, regardless of the political view, from all opinions, all deputies, mayors, Mr. Governor, district governors, directors, and collaboration, not necessarily. Since I care about this, I have reserved such a paragraph in my speech. I am sincere, I work, I want to serve and succeed. I want to do this on behalf of Mersin. Thank you very much, Mr. Elvan, Mr. Governor, deputies. ”

“Let's prepare all the plans together with our district municipalities and let the non-governmental organizations come.”

Seçer, Mersin, as well as important problems, opportunities are also expressed, touching on the problem of the plan. Seçer said:

“Mersin is obliged to finish the second phase plan of 1/5000 in a very short time. We cooperate, we talk. Now we talked at the table. What can we do? We need to speed this up. Investor can not find looking for land that will invest. The plan has to stop being a problem for Mersin. Of course we do not want to remove the eye while making eyebrows. As Mayor, I want to do this; Let me prepare all plans that are under the authority of my municipality together with our district municipalities. Non-governmental organizations should come and give support. As a result, I put my signature under the issues that interest the city. Together, we take responsibility for accountability to our people. ”

“We will implement the Metro hay

Mentioning that MESİAD has suggestions on which system the metro investment should be made, Seçer said, “We respect. We are working on this issue. We will bring the metro to life. We made important changes on the project we found on our lap. We have calculated how the event is more modern, more efficient, with less investment and how we can bring Mersin to the rail system in public transportation. As of the previous day, we went out to tender. We entered EKAB and officially completed our transactions. We consider the rail system in 3 phases. Underground, aboveground and tram system. We will make a broad statement on this subject, "he said.

Stating that financial institutions want Treasury guarantee for Metro, President Seçer, who stated that he needed the support of Parliament Plan and Budget Committee President and AK Party Mersin Deputy Lütfi Elvan, “We are having difficulties in accessing finance. Financial institutions want a Treasury guarantee from us or want to finance us with very high financial costs. Here, at first, we need the support of Mr. Elvan. If necessary, I would like to make an appointment with the President of the Republic of Turkey and go to him as the Mayor of the Metropolitan in order to contribute to us on this issue. I want to serve Mersin ”.

“We cannot develop Mersin on our own”

Stating that he cares about Metro and the first phase will be on the East-West line, Seçer also mentioned the investments made in Mersin in the continuation of his speech. President Vahap Seçer said, “It is an important investment for Çamlıbel tradesmen. If the Garden of the Nation is being built, its project has been tendered, it is finished, construction has started now. With this investment of our municipality, we can turn the old Mersin, namely Çamlıbel, into a center of attraction. In our surveys, water, sewage, road, which our citizens see as the most problematic areas. It is mostly in West Mersin. If we are going to revive tourism, the main purpose of a recent visit to Ankara is to create such a partnership. As a municipality, we can contribute to speeding up infrastructure works and paving the way for tourism investments. We cannot develop Mersin on our own. We perform our duty as local governments. We do this with the central government, we do it with professional chambers, NGOs. We can reach the result more quickly. ”

Seçer, who gave the subject of the important moves of the central government, said, “The airport should definitely come to life. Mr. Elvan also follows closely, I know that. If there will be tourism, it will be the airport, if there will be trade, it will be the airport. An international airport is absolutely needed if people come to Mersin from all over the world in a very short way, with little expense and without wasting time. The highway is an important projection. I hope an important distance has been taken. The majority of Taşucu-Alanya coastal road is over. There is a very short distance. These are important investments. Many more investments like this. We are working. We can make mistakes, but we never make mistakes. We will return from the mistake. We are open to cooperation. We all have to meet in Mersin common denominator and develop Mersin. I have to be the most successful. ”

Seçer met with Berdan Civata family

Chairman Seçer, MESİAD 28th Year Ball followed by the 41st Year Gala Night Berdan Civata attended. Overnight Berdan Civata A.Ş. Seçer praised Hasan Şemsi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and said, “He is faithful and determined. Otherwise, a man doesn't tell you so sincerely. He cannot master this subject, he cannot be successful. I'm celebrating. We are a big man, a brother, a person I respect very much, a citizen, a neighborhood. It has a separate place. In us, money, stamps, factories, wealth, one side of the heart of the human being important. Human man, courageous man, socially sensitive man. You can see him in many social activities. In order to contribute to the society on many issues, he adds his unrequited night to his day. I congratulate him. He has acquired such a large family of 41 years. ”

Saying that an important work was done in Berdan Civata, Seçer said, “Body workers are people who use arm strength and make money with their sweat and their children. This is a very large family. Berdan Civata only produces bolts, exports, does not contribute to the country's economy. In fact, it provides the unity of the society by employing people. This is extremely important. I'm the mayor. I'm the one who lives the most. We know the desperation of the unemployed, the search for a job, the desperation of the mothers and fathers, and we feel sorry. ”

"The country wins, the community wins, you win Turkey"

Seçer mentioned that their duty is to produce solutions and said, uz We are working for him and we will continue to work. In this country, who put stones on stone, employing a human being, thanks to that human children's feed, education, contributing to sleep in a warm bed with respect to all business people, I remember with respect. Kul he said.

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