Eminönü Eyüpsultan Alibeyköy Tram Line Will End At 2020

eminonu eyupsultan alibeykoy tram line will end at the end
eminonu eyupsultan alibeykoy tram line will end at the end

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluIn the morning hours, he first got information about the "winter works" at the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department in Edirkekapı, then went to Eyüpsultan and made inspections on the Eminönü Eyüpsultan Alibeyköy Tram Line construction, the construction of which has not been completed since November 2016. İmamoğlu walked the distance of about 2 kilometers between the Balat and Feshane stops of the tram line with his staff. İmamoğlu, who performed the welding process of the cross-rails, also answered the questions of the journalists here. Imamoglu, "Former Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, Veysel Eroglu, after your statement on the drought in Istanbul," I have been working for a week, my plans are ready, if requested, we will help with the order of the President," he made a statement. “Will you have a request?”, “Former İSKİ General Manager, minister. My advice to them is that if he has an opportunity or opportunity, he can communicate with us without waiting for any orders. We're looking for him too. Such urgent and important public matters do not wait for orders.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluattended the presentation held at the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department in Edirnekapı. In the presentation, İBB senior management accompanied İmamoğlu with a full staff. Seyfullah Demirel, Head of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, gave technical information to İmamoğlu and the accompanying delegation about the working processes for winter preparations in Istanbul, their manpower and construction equipment. İmamoğlu, who wants the IMM's subsidiaries that produce business to come together and set up common tables for the solution of problems, said, "Here, my friends have made their preparations to serve our citizens at the same time, synchronized with 39 districts, and to intervene immediately in the disruptions they will experience on the road. I don't think we will have any shortfalls. Including the villages. We are ready from all our countryside to the central points of our city. We are working for 16 million,” he said. After the presentation, İmamoğlu met the staff and made investigations in the area.


İmamoğlu later moved his examinations in Edirnekapı to Balat. İmamoğlu, along with the top management of IMM, conducted construction of the Eminönü-Eyüpsultan-Alibeyköy Tram Line, the construction of which started in November of 2016 but could not be completed in the planned time. Imamoglu, walking along the rails about the 2 kilometer road from Balat to Feshane stations, received information from the authorities. İmamoğlu, which coincided with the welding process made by the workers between the rails, received information from the employees by pausing. Imamoglu, wearing gloves and goggles, welding process, carried out with the guidance of employees. During this time, color images occurred.

Imamoglu, journalists answered questions on the agenda on the rails. The questions asked by Imamoglu and the answers given by the IMM President were as follows:

“We want to finish the line before the beer”

The work started again. Is it displayed as one of the lines?

Let's not stop, let's call it a little slower line. Previously there was a planned allowance. It had slowed down because it was over; but the company continued to work a little bit again. We are working on additional resources. We want to get this place ready for 2020. Not only this line, but also the passage of Unkapanı at 2020… Because there was a lack of design, there was a lack of projects. My friends would go to them. Until the last stop, both the transfer center connecting with the metro line and the Sirkeci-Eminönü section, all designs of the junction points with the pedestrian and rail system continue. A line that we accelerate and care very much. There is a very busy transportation of people from Alibeyköy to Eminönü and Sirkeci. But more important to us, we are talking about a touristic area all day long. On one side, a beautiful line was designed to watch the Golden Horn. But unfortunately it progressed slowly. We want to finish it as soon as possible. There are great destinations here. We have museums on the banks of the Golden Horn. We design beautiful green spaces. There are also historical areas from Balat to Eyüpsultan. It is a very productive line that contributes to both the touristic and contemporary human transportation and also the one stopping at Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey line. Therefore, we are working hard to bring this beautiful line to the people of Istanbul at 2020.

When you say 2020, when?

Speaking of optimism, it's late summer. A little more realistic, it's like the end of the year. We can accelerate. Of course, this is also about financing. There are some technical issues inside, my friends concentrate on them. But I hope we will end here with sacrifice.


We have seen Kadir Topbaş in ceremonies about this line before, then Mevlüt Uysal. Now, as the third mayor, you are investigating this line. How much finance do I need? How much is left as a percentage?

You know God's right three. In fact, 35 percent of the total cost is on the sidelines. A funding related to this has not been conceived before. About 60 percent were designed and a funding was found. When that is finished, the company also paused before the election and when we arrived, the process was slowly moving forward with some motivation; but rightly, the contractor demands a source of funding to show the end of the day. We will finish the remaining 35 percent on that issue. We attach special importance to this line. Because it has occupied the historical fabric enough. Some places were obviously abused because they were neglected as much as they were busy. We are also quickly eliminating those abuses. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Therefore, our importance is high.

Will the financing be provided with foreign loans?

Of course, we search every source. Foreign sources seem more appropriate in this period. We have more productive talks. There are some sources standing by. But here, compliance, compliance, longer term, some permits ... All important. Some of our work will come to the agenda of the Assembly. Some issues have Ankara approval. We're following it holistically.


Do you have a response to Tevfik Göksu's comment that traffic problems have occurred in Istanbul for 6 months and have not been for 25 years?

He probably wanted to make a joke. But I guess he walked a little too much on the lawn. He couldn't do it barefoot. Anyway. The public has understood what you mean. I don't need to answer that.

Veysel Eroğlu, Former Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, has made a statement after your drought statement in Istanbul, saying, "I have been working for a week, if my plans are demanded, we will help with the order of the President." Will you have a request?

Former İSKİ General Manager, minister. My advice to them is that if he has an opportunity or opportunity he can establish a dialogue with us without waiting for any order. We also search for him. Such urgent and important public matters do not await orders. This is my first recommendation. The second issue is, let's not forget that; There is a Melen problem. Look, the year that should have ended as of today is 3 years from the year they announced themselves. In other words, the deadline they announced as the first week of December, which should end in 2016, has passed 3 years. Why is it not over? It still has no chance of being finished, because there is additional investment. That investment must come out. And we are talking about it. So let Melen end. We did not say, 'Nothing was done. We thank you very much for the work done. Of course it will. Is 25 years easy? You have ruled for a quarter century, it will be done. We applaud, we appreciate it. But Melen is not over. The problems and problems of this Melen inexhaustion will be solved and will be put into service as soon as possible. In other words, there should not be any difficulties in terms of delay or financial support. It should be overcome as soon as possible. I said, no matter what mistake was made, the President should take account of it. I didn't say anything else. It has been 3 years from the date they say will be opened. Apart from that, as I said; If he wants to provide us with information, I think there is no need for orders, this is the public service, our door is open. We also search for him. My İSKİ General Manager calls them and asks for the information they have. If there is a contribution to us, we will use it with pleasure. In other words, our door is open to every idea and every good understanding produced in this country.


The power says that Melen comes into play in every discourse. It is said that water is provided from Melen to Istanbul. Is Melen engaged or not?

Melen's flooding, but we're talking about the dam. When does Melen flood? It's printing now. But it can't be printed in the middle of summer or it's going to a minimum. Why? That the water of the Melen River was low at the time. Why is the Melen Dam constructed? Always there for the formation of water reserves. 30 is an annual project, everyone has a labor. I mean, somebody thought about it in the 80 years. Then someone made this decision without state planning and so on and so on. It is said that; It's over at 2016. And water will accumulate there, even in the most troubled moment, water can be flooded from there, even in the driest moment. But now that the Melen River rushes, yes, water comes from us. Water comes from Istırancalar. Everyone's involved. So there's nothing wrong with that. The problem is: Why didn't the Melen Dam end? What are the obstacles to be completed, what are the obstacles? And how will these be solved? Let us know quickly about this. It's that simple.

After completing the investigations, İmamoğlu made Friday prayers at the Valide Sultan Mosque in Aksaray.


Work on the Eminönü-Eyüpsultan-Alibeyköy Tram Line started in November 2016. When the 10,1 kilometer 14 station rail system is completed, it will be able to carry 15 thousand passengers in one direction per hour. The line, which covers the districts of Fatih and Eyüpsultan, will continue along the Golden Horn of the Historical Peninsula and extend to Eyüpsultan and from there to İBB Alibeyköy Cep Bus Terminal. In the tram line, continuous energy supply system from the ground applied for the first time in Turkey (catenery free) is applied. The system, which will eliminate the visual pollution caused by the "catenary wires", is based on the energization of the tram from a third rail placed between the two rails. In this way, the vehicle will be controlled via a fully electronic system. The tram line to be found within the borders of Fatih and Eyüpsultan districts; Kabataş-Bağcılar Tramway and City Lines Eminönü ferry ports at Eminönü Station, Hacıosman-Yenikapı Metro Line and Küçükpazar Station, Eyüpsultan-Piyer Loti Cable Car and Eyüpsultan Cable Car Station, Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line and Alibeyköy Metro Station. Will be integrated with the Metrobus Line at Ayvansaray Station. With the line, Eminönü, Fener, Balat, Ayvansaray and Eyüp piers will be integrated with sea transportation.

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