CRM Management has taken its place in the logistics sector!

CRM Management has taken its place in the logistics sector!
CRM Management has taken its place in the logistics sector!

CRM Management has replaced Speed ​​in the Logistics Sector !; Fevzi Gandur Logistics met with the senior students of Industrial Engineering at Kültür University. In the seminar organized within the scope of Marketing Management course, information was shared with the students on rekabet competition in the logistics sector, proper marketing, customer relations and CRM management ”.

Speaking at the seminar, Fevzi Gandur Logistics and Sales Development Manager Müge Karahan, underlining that selling any product or service is no longer as important as before, it is important to know what it is selling to today and to know all aspects of the customer.

Karahan: You Must Know What Your Customers Want or Not!

“In today's competitive conditions, you or your brand are not the only ones for your target customer audience, maybe you have hundreds of competitors and alternatives. If you want to stand out, you should focus on your customer. Kar Karahan said that this is possible with CRM applications.

Stating that knowing customers and knowing what they want is important in terms of providing them with the products and services they need, Karahan emphasized that it is very important to use CRM applications and to have up-to-date information about customers.

Karahan said, “You should keep the data about your target customers constantly updated. Because during the time you do not communicate, their work, activity areas or needs may change. If you give customers information about a job they have never done, you cannot get their attention. Land

Karahan, CRM applications not only for sales, but also contributed to the proper management of customer relations, underlining the CRM processes as a company since Salesforce 2017, he added.

Yüksektepe: Cooperation with the Business World Kazanc Big

Head of Department of Industrial Engineering, Kültür University, Assoc. Dr. Fadime Üney Yüksektepe emphasized the importance of bringing students together with the stakeholders of active working life and providing real examples and teachings.

Yüksektepe stated that one of the professions that can benefit and make the most of the data is industrial engineering. Therefore, he emphasized the importance of CRM applications for the students in this department and thanked Fevzi Gandur Logistics managers for their contributions.

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