Driverless and Rail-Free Tram Starts in China

cinde driverless and unraveled tram starts flights
cinde driverless and unraveled tram starts flights

Driverless and Unraveled Tram Starts in China; According to the news sent by Chinese International Radio, a vehicle on the roads of Yibin City in Sichuan Province is now following its own tracks and going on rubber wheels.

Chinese media reported on Saturday, December 7 that the electrically powered vehicle can accelerate up to 70 kilometers per hour and the battery is easily charged. The vehicle, which has been tested for two years, is operated by an autonomous system with or without driver. The three 300 wagons are guided by the navigation system as well as by optical and other sensors. When used by the driver, the car looks like a very long bus.

On the other hand, the investment cost is considerably lower, according to experts' calculations, since rail laying is not required. The route of the new autonomous urban vehicle is 17,7 kilometers. Moreover, the route can be easily modified, unlike the tram, which is a rail system.

Roads for similar vehicles are already present in Zhuzhou, one of the cities of Hunan, Central China Province, and Yongxiu city of Jiangxi, East China Province. CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Company, which is operating in Hunan, has been carrying out its tests in the heat of Qatar since the summer with the new vehicle - the world football championship will be held in 2022. The new vehicle can actually be described as a mix of metro, train and bus, but it resembles a tram at most.

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