Ankara Metro Cleaning Personnel First Time Seminar

ankara metro cleaning staff for the first time personal development seminar
ankara metro cleaning staff for the first time personal development seminar

Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO cooperation with the Union of Municipalities of Turkey ANKARAY Metro Station and cleaning staff working for the first time in "Personal Development" seminar is given.

EGO General Directorate Service Improvement and Institutional Development Department, Rail Systems Department and Human Resources and Education Department started the seminar; effective communication, stress and anger control and courtesy.


Hacettepe University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. The training given by Gülgün Karahalil at EGO Headquarters Ankara Metro Operation and Maintenance Center makes a difference with the plays and music performance of the artists of the Capital Theater.

Assoc. Dr. Karahalil said, ama The aim of this seminar is happy employees, happy people. We support our trainings with the parodies of the theater group. Outside the theater, the music is a little bit of relaxation with the staff we see that they are very happy to see that they are valued. ”


The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its in-service training activities in order to provide better quality services to the citizens of the capital city, gives importance to the satisfaction of the personnel.

The satisfaction of the personnel after the training on how to deal with stress as well as strengthening the personal development of the cleaning staff and effective communication is measured by the survey. A total of 515 people with disabilities will benefit from the training.

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