Here is the latest situation in the never ending high speed train projects

Here is the latest situation in the never ending high speed train projects
Here is the latest situation in the never ending high speed train projects

Here is the latest situation in never ending high speed train projects; Turkey wraps up and down the railroad and the distant near, who studies across the country began a short while ago. In many provinces, projects that started at different times were either incomplete or postponed. It is also unclear when the railway projects will end.

Turkey, shortly before he met with high-speed train technology. Although not recorded over a very long time, Turkey has to adapt to new technologies as soon as possible. At the end of this period of time many railway linking east to west Turkey project it has been developed; most of them were completed successfully, and some of them were left unfortunately. Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project and Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project, which was founded many years ago, had to be finished by the promises made by politicians. So, how are the Ankara-Sivas and 2020 railways, which are preparing to start operating at 2023? How are the Bursa - Bilecik and Konya - Karaman railways, which should be operational at the end of this year? Here is a reader's Kocaeli Balance Details shared with Whatsapp Notification Line…


Bursa Bilecik Railway: 105 km Bilecik station, Bursa; Ankara, Istanbul, Sivas and later Karsa YHT contact will be provided. The groundbreaking ceremony was held at 2012. Construction continues.


In 2012, Bülent Arınç also served as the first step of the “Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli High Speed ​​Train Project”, Bursa-Yenişehir line, Bursa-Mudanya road Balat location, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, and Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik. In his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony held with his participation, he said that he was happy and happy to be here on this happy day. Stating that a longing has ended here, Arınç stated that the protocol of this project with the contractor was signed at the General Directorate of TCDD on the last day of last year, and that it was a year after this, he said: “Well, nothing has been done in this year. Starting today - No. In this year, our railways contractor contractor, they did a lot. Tunnels were started, some of them were finished. So many tunnels, so many viaducts, so many bridges, so overpasses, I won't count one by one. It was a very comprehensive study, they did everything, today it was perhaps at its midpoint, now it was necessary to name it at one of its stations. We are doing this.


Fortunately, our railways, contractor companies, our government are working with all their efforts to get this high-speed train to Bursa as soon as possible, and we always thank them. What is important for Turkey until 2023 vision is so important for Bursa. We had a 100 project statement right before the elections, and we had committed to what Bursa could be doing for Bursa with short, medium term and 2023 terms as MPs. Undoubtedly, the most prestigious of these is the arrival of YHT in Bursa and reaching many provinces of Anatolia through Bursa connection.


Hopefully it will be possible with YHT with a comfortable travel. Therefore, we are at a successful point in YHT, where we consider Ankara, Eskişehir, Bilecik, Istanbul and other connections the most important step in transportation, which is Bursa's biggest need. I thank all my friends who have come to this successful point. ”


Konya Karaman: Konya Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project will shorten distances With the completion of the Konya Karaman high-speed train line, Karaman will reach 40 minutes from Konya, 2 hours from Ankara, 10 minutes from Ankara, and 5 hours from Istanbul. The foundation was laid in March. EN 2014 was announced to be finished in. Trials have not yet begun.


Date: May 16, 2015… Lütfi Elvan, former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and candidate for AK Party Antalya Deputy, talked about transportation projects in a television program he attended. Giving good news to the Southeastern citizens about the high speed train, Elvan said, “We are doing the high speed train project from Konya to Karaman, we will finish it by the end of this year. We are descending from Karaman to Mersin, and we have started the construction work. After the election, we will bid for the people from Mersin to Adana, Adana to Gaziantep, and then to Şanlıurfa. Our goal is to reach the Habur Border Gate. One of our citizens, who gets on the train from Edirne Kapıkule, will be able to go to Habur Border Gate by high speed train. Our Ankara-Konya line is a high-speed train, but the high-speed train from Konya to Habur will speed 200 kilometers per hour. We shouldn't think of this only in terms of passengers. Here, the most important contribution will be especially in terms of transportation ”.


Ankara - Izmir: Route: Ankara, Afyon, Uşak, Manisa and Izmir. It will be carried out by the line reserved from Kocahacılar station at the 120th km of the Ankara - Konya line. Total 624 km long. 2023 It is foreseen to be completed in. Travel time 3 and a half hours will continue.


Ankara - Sivas Route: Ankara, Kırıkkale, Yozgat, Yerköy and Sivas. 442 km long. the project In 2020 completion.

Turkey High Speed ​​Rail Map

We have prepared our interactive map for you with high speed train lines under construction and under construction ...

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