Renewed Blast Furnace Fired in KARDEMİR

high furnace fired in Kardemir fired
high furnace fired in Kardemir fired

The blast furnace number 10, which was stopped on June 4 at Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR), was reignited with a ceremony held after 112 days of renovation. Our company board members, who attended the ceremony as a full staff, started the production by igniting the furnace with torches that were burned after the speeches and prayers.

Regional armor change was made in the blast furnace, which was renewed with approximately 85.000.000 TL expenditure, and the furnace production capacity was increased to 10 tons with an increase of 550.000. Within the scope of the renovation, all cooling systems in the furnace, refractories, foundry, hydraulic pipelines, electrical automation cables and stoves were renewed and modernized.

General Manager of our company, who gave information about the investment process at the firing ceremony. Hüseyin Soykan stated that the 250 investment team consisting of KARDEMİR personnel and the personnel of domestic and international suppliers took part in the renovation works. Soykan pointed out that 112 tons of steel and 2.650 tons of refractory de-assembly and installation were realized as a result of the coordinated work lasting for 2200 days. tons from 85 to 450.

In his speech, the General Manager of our company, who said that the blast furnace directorate is sure to use this capacity to the maximum. Hüseyin Soykan; Orum I would like to congratulate all of my colleagues who contributed to this effort, including the blast furnace personnel, all the operation, investment and purchasing personnel, and all those who contributed to this important maintenance and capacity increase ”. Soykan also thanked the Board of Directors for the vision and support required for our company to achieve its 3.5 million tons / year production target, and concluded the speech that the new 4 blast furnace wished to bring fertile gains to our company: “Kardemir is Growing, Karabük is Growing, Our Country is Growing tamam.

KARDEMİR Chairman Kamil Güleç in his speech before the ignition drew attention to the engineering capabilities of the company. Güleç said, “25 years ago, we couldn't do any of these revetments by ourselves, but we had a team from outside. After the privatization, we carry out all the investments ourselves. We accomplish together with our company's engineer, worker, foreman and employee. It sprays water into our hearts. Kardemir A.Ş. is the first company in our country to establish a blast furnace as a private company. We achieved this with our engineers, workers and employees. In this blast furnace, as stated by our General Manager, we are not only providing an investment, but also a capacity increase. Labour would like to thank everyone who contributed. This is a very important investment. Most importantly, this investment is made in this way without anybody's nose, work accident is achieved without this business. Therefore, I also congratulate our friends. We will build one more furnace to increase 3,5 million tons capacity. This investment will be realized in the coming year and we will be a company that has achieved the actual capacity of 3,5 million tons. Buddha is proud of us. I would like to thank the entire staff of 250 who contributed here. I would like to thank all Kardemir workers and employees. I thank our board of directors. If our board of directors does not make these investment decisions, none of them is possible. I also congratulate and thank them separately. I wish this oven would be good for you. May it be auspicious. ”

It is expected to increase the capacity of the converter number 2 in KARDEMİR's steel mill region, the new lime factory and 4. Continuous casting machine investments will be completed and commissioned in the coming days.

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