BTS, Responsible for Train Accidents!

bts train accidents responsible
bts train accidents responsible

Train accidents and machinist deaths in the press release of the United Transport Employees Union Izmir Branch, demanded that the accountants in front of the judiciary.

BTS Sensika Izmir Branch Secretary Mehti Seyhan read the statement in front of Halkapinar Depo. Seyhan, who started his speech by commemorating the two machinists Recep Tunaboylu and Sedat Yurtsever who died in Bilecik on September 19, said: “It is deeply upsetting that our friends, who started working day and night without losing their lives, lost their lives, together with the AKP government. he reveals the fact that his administration's practices are murder, not an accident. ”


Stating that the AKP has been aiming to liquidate TCDD since the day it came to power, Seyhan said, “Our institution has been left to the decision of unskilled managers with unassigned appointments. In this process, hundreds of our citizens died in the accidents in Pamukova, Kütahya-Çorlu and Ankara. Despite the accidents and murders like all the massacres, no manager has assumed responsibility and has not resigned, has not been punished and the responsibility has been destroyed to our friends or employees who have lost their lives. ”


Reminding the report prepared by the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Geological Engineers after the accident in Bilecik in 2015, Seyhan stated that he clearly showed the chain of negligence from the tender stage to the survey studies.

Seyhan finally listed his demands and said, “It is enough now. We want our colleagues, our passengers, to lose their lives due to these practices of TCDD management. We want unskilled executives to withdraw their hands from rail transport and those responsible to account before the judiciary. ”

The board of directors of the Turkish Transportation Sen also supported the press release. (UNIVERSAL)

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