Claim of Police Beating TCDD Personnel in Manisa Gar

claim that the police officers battered the staff of tcdd in manisa garda
claim that the police officers battered the staff of tcdd in manisa garda

Transportation Officer-Sen made a statement regarding the allegations that Ümit Yıldız, who works as a Guard Security Officer at Manisa Station, was beaten by the police while on duty.

In the written statement made; “Our member Ümit Yıldız, who worked as a Guard Security Officer at Manisa Station, was battered by the police while on duty in his area of ​​responsibility.

The event took place as follows:

When a male passenger waiting in Manisa Gar started to use violence against his wife, eyewitnesses informed Umit Yildiz and the Umit Yildiz, who intervened in the incident and stopped the person who perpetrated violence against the woman.

Police called to the scene; to the woman only mis Are you complaining? Istem and asked mak I am not ”to leave the scene. Cops; Umit Yildiz, Security and Security Officer, said that she was subjected to violence but could not speak because she was afraid; he asked the Police to take the necessary formal actions to the person who had been fixed by the witnesses who had witnessed violence against his wife.

Police officers, who were disturbed by this situation, started to assault Ümit Yıldız, who was trying to do his duty. Although they had no necessity, they handcuffed a public personnel by using pepper spray and treated them like terrorists. Our member Ümit Yıldız had to get a report on 7 days as a result of this event and unfortunately could not continue his shift.

It is against human rights and law and unacceptable for the police to use pepper spray and handcuffs and to take them to the police station as a terrorist, although Ümit Yıldız did not respond to the police, even though he was alone against the 4 police officer.

In these days when violence against women does not fall from the agenda of the country, it is a very sad and thought-provoking incident that a security personnel who is sensitive and responsible for the violence against a woman is punished by the police who neglect their duty.

Legal proceedings will be initiated by our law firm and lawyers and the developments will be followed by us. Necessary official complaints to the Ministry of Interior and General Directorate of Security will be made by our Union.

As the Transportation Officer-Sen, we strongly condemn this incident and say that we get past the injured member.

As Transportation Officer-Sen, we will continue to stand by our members and employees as always. " it was said

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