İZBAN Commuter System İZBAN Map and İZBAN Stations

izban suburb system izban map and izban stations
izban suburb system izban map and izban stations

İZBAN, If you have chosen the name in some sources, is Turkey's third largest city commuter rail system that services in Izmir. The project was implemented in partnership with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. There are forty stations on the 136 kilometer line between Aliağa and Selçuk districts. This feature is in line with Turkey's longest urban commuter line location. 30 passenger transport in İZBAN started in August 2010. The last expansion in the line 8 was completed in September 2017. Even at 2017, 98 has carried millions of passengers.

İZBAN History 

The history of IZBAN is based on the protocol signed between Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD in 2005. IZBAN AS, which will operate the line laid at 3 in March. Founded in 2006. Trials 2007 July The section between Halkapınar and Cumaovası, which started at 1, was opened at 2010 August 30. 2010 October At 29, passenger flights between Halkapınar and Aliağa started. 2010 December 5 began transporting passengers between Çiğli-Cumaovası and 2010 January 30 between Aliağa and Cumaovası. 2011 March The official opening of the 6 kilometer line, which has thirty-one stations in 2011, was launched. May At 80, the International Public Transport Association awarded İZBAN the first prize in the Birliği Best Cooperation ”category. 2013 August In 4, Hilal station was opened in order to transfer from the south of the line to İzmir metro and the number of stations increased to thirty-two.

A protocol was signed between the parties at 14 March 2011 in order to extend İZBAN from Cumaovası to Tepeköy in the south and 7 was established in October 2011. With the launch of this line, which is six kilometers long and 30 kilometers long, 6 February 2016, the total length of İZBAN increased to 110 kilometers and the number of stations increased to thirty-eight. The line extended from Tepeköy to Selçuk was put into service at 8 September 2017. 8 April Belevi Station, located south of the line, was opened in 2019. Last expand 136 kilometers in length and with a number of stations in the forty İZBAN is Turkey's longest urban commuter line. Work on the extension of the line to 50 km in the north to Bergama and construction of seven new stations started at 11 June 2018. It is planned to extend the line to Tire, Ödemiş and Bayındır in the south up to 2030.


İZBAN, serving on the 136 kilometer line between Aliağa and Selçuk, was built on the İzmir-Aydın Railway, the first railway line in Anatolia and the İzmir-Kasaba (Turgutlu) Railway lines, which opened in 1856. Aliağa-Menemen between the north, Menemen-Cumaovası between the center, while the southern axis of Cumaovası-Selçuk is considered as the axis of the 1863 meter length. Karşıyaka Railway Tunnel and 2.000 meter length Sirinyer Railway Tunnel.


The system serves every day of the week from the first train departing from Aliağa and Tepeköy stations in the morning to the last train departing at 5.37 at night. There are ten flights a day between Tepeköy and Selçuk. Cumaovasi, Menemen and Tepekoy stations are transfer centers between the axles. The flights between Cumaovası-Menemen are arranged in 23.55 minute intervals until 22.10 and then in 10 minute intervals. Non-stop flights between Cumaovası-Aliağa and Menemen-Tepeköy stations take place every 20 minutes. More than 20 passengers are transported daily between Aliağa and Tepeköy. The number of passengers carried at 300.000 was 2017 million.

İZBAN is integrated with other public transportation systems in the city. Once the passengers have paid a fee, 90 is free to transfer to all public transport for minutes. Passengers can also ride their bikes and trains around the clock. 15 February From 2018, passengers pay for the distance they travel.

izban in 77.000 m² warehouse and maintenance workshop in Cigli, Turkey is the largest facility in the area. In addition to İZBAN trains, other trains in the country are maintained.

İZBAN stations

There are forty stations on the 136 kilometer İZBAN line, all with disabled access. Aliağa, Biçerova, Hatundere, Menemen, Egekent 2, Ulukent, Egekent, Ata Sanayi, Çiğli, Mavişehir, Şemikler, Demirköprü, Nergiz, Karşıyaka, Alaybey, Naldoken, Turan, Bayraklı, Salhane, Halkapınar, Alsancak, Hilal, Kemer, Şirinyer, Running, İnkılap, District Garage, Esbaş, Gaziemir, Sarnıç, Adnan Menderes Airport, Cumaovası, Develi, Tekeli, Beet, Kuşçuburun, Torbalı, Tepeköy, Health, Belevi and Selçuk stations Alaybey, Karşıyaka, Nergiz and Şirinyer stations are underground, other stations are above ground.

From Halkapınar and Hilal stations to İzmir subway; Buses can be transferred from Alsancak, Biçerova, Cumaovası, Çiğli, Egekent, Esbaş, Halkapınar, Hatundere, Kemer, Mavişehir, Menemen, Salhane, Sarnic, District Garage, Sirinyer, Turan and Ulukent stations. Adnan Menderes Airport can be reached from the station of the same name to the south of the line. Alaybey, Alsancak, Halkapınar and Mavişehir stations can be transferred to tram lines.

According to 2014 data, the busiest stations of İZBAN are Halkapınar (9,5 million), Şirinyer (8,1 million), respectively. Karşıyaka (5,6 million), Cigli (4,3 million) and Crescent (4,2 million).

136 Mileage All of them have disabled access on İZBAN line 41 station. From north to south respectively:

  1. Aliaga,
  2. Biçerov to,
  3. Hatundere,
  4. Menemen,
  5. Egekent 2,
  6. Ulukent
  7. Egekent,
  8. Ata Industry,
  9. Çiğli,
  10. Mavişehir,
  11. Şemikler,
  12. Demirköprü,
  13. Narcissus,
  14. Karşıyaka,
  15. Alaybey,
  16. Naldöken,
  17. Turan,
  18. Bayraklı,
  19. Salhane,
  20. Halkapınar,
  21. Red flag,
  22. Crescent,
  23. Belt,
  24. Şirinyer,
  25. Running,
  26. Revolution,
  27. District Garage,
  28. Esbas,
  29. Gaziemir,
  30. Cistern,
  31. Adnan Menderes Airport,
  32. Cumaovası,
  33. Develi,
  34. Monopoly,
  35. Pancar,
  36. Kuşçubur's,
  37. Bag,
  38. Tepeköy,
  39. Health,
  40. Belevi
  41. Selçuk

stations. Alaybey, Karşıyaka, Nergiz and Şirinyer stations are underground, other stations are above ground.

İZBAN Trains

Spanish CAF firm awarded thirty-three EMU train tenders in March 2008 kazanwas. In April 2010, trains started to arrive in Turkey. İZBAN, which was put into service on 30 August 2010, had twenty-four wagons at that time. In August 2011, ten E23000 train sets were temporarily rented from TCDD. Forty EMU trains were purchased from South Korean Hyundai Rotem in March 2012. The people of Izmir determined the design of these trains, which were announced to be delivered in three years. The current set number of İZBAN is 73 and the number of wagons is 219. İZBAN train sets consist of three wagons, have a capacity of 2.250 people and can reach a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour. The length of the train sets is 70 meters, the width is 2,95 meters, and the height is 3,85 meters. Since the trips are made in double or triple sets, the length of the trains reaches at least 140 meters and at most 210 meters. It has been announced that E32000 train sets with ten wagons produced for Marmaray will be used in İZBAN as of August 2017. It has even been announced that seventy-five wagons, nine of which are double-decker, will be purchased for use.

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