Campaign for transportation problems

Citizens who claimed that they had to walk one kilometer from İZBAN trains to the buses that transfer on the Hatundere-Foça route due to the construction of the bridge in Foça district of İzmir, even though they conveyed their complaints to ESHOT officials, asked for a solution and launched the campaign through the site.

“Getting on from Izbana Hatundere, which provides the connection of the people living in Eski Foça with İzmir, has become very difficult due to the bridge piers being built. Bus passengers have to walk within one kilometer to the station. Especially for elderly people, this walk is a pain in seasonal conditions. On the other hand, it seems impossible for disabled people to cross this road.

It will be a great relief for the residents of Eski Foça if the municipal bus numbered 744 performs its service from Menemen instead of Hatundere during this repair, ”a solution and support were requested.

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