Islands Transport Workshop Ended

islands transportation ended
islands transportation ended

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu"Adalar Transportation Workshop", where the transportation problems of the Islands were discussed, was held in Büyükada by the order of . In the workshop, where every opinion was heard, determinations and suggestions were determined and the first steps towards a solution were taken.

In the workshop held in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Adalar Municipality in Büyükada Anatolian Club, transportation, logistics environment and phaeton were evaluated in all aspects. IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, Deputy Secretary General İbrahim Orhan Demir and Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu, Adalar Mayor Erdem Gül, Adalar Governor Mustafa Ayhan, Adalar residents, non-governmental organizations, coachmen, animal associations and opinion leaders participated in the workshop.


Ibrahim Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation and Environment, who made the opening speech of the workshop with wide participation, stressed that they want to set up a road map by bringing all stakeholders together. Demir continued his speech and said, “These problems have been discussed for years. Unfortunately, some of them have been solved by this time but we have many problems that cannot be solved in general. I hope this workshop will be the beginning ”. Emphasizing the common mind and common solution, Demir said, en I personally believe in a consensus in which we can agree and reach a solution with a common mind. 40 in my professional life. My years. I've always worked with transportation projects. I came by saying that it wasn't a problem that couldn't be solved. Because we will reach a common solution that everyone can agree on..

Deputy Secretary General İbrahim Orhan Demir made the opening speech and the Mayor of the Princes' Islands Erdem Gül stated that the priority of the pedestrian was first and for him and the people of the Islands. brought.

The other keynote speaker of the workshop, Mustafa Ayhan, Adalar District Governor, said in his speech that Adalar is among the places with unique distinction and regulation in the world and that they want to protect and improve this feature of Adalar.

After the opening speeches, the program was continued with table meetings that brought relevant stakeholders together.


Tables were created to evaluate and solve all aspects of the Islands' transportation problems. The parties gathered around six tables: Public Transportation within the Island, Pedestrian Transportation, Bicycle and Battery Powered Vehicles, Animal Rights and Environment, Islands Logistics Systems, Inter-Island and Mainland Transportation and Tourism and Recreation focused on problem determination and solution proposals.

The sessions of the Adalar Transportation Workshop were conducted by academics and executives who are experts in their fields. Dr. Haluk Gerçek, Professor Dr. Alper Ünlü, Professor Dr. Murat Arslan, City Lines General Manager Sinem Serhan Dedetaş, Doc. Dr. Eda Beyazıt and Prof. Dr. During the sessions where Mehmet Ocakçı was the moderator, the transportation of the Princes' Islands was evaluated in all aspects.


The topics and suggestions discussed in the group meetings were announced by the table moderators at the closing meeting. Lack of legislation and lack of supervision came to the fore as a common determination of all tables. Intra-island transportation was contrary to the legislation, emphasis was placed on the control of electric and battery-powered transport vehicles. A new transportation vision and demand management were needed, while inter-institutional cooperation was called for solution. During the workshop, the issue of phaeton was also taken into consideration and the necessity of frequent inspections and improvement of veterinary service was determined.


All stakeholders were represented at the workshop to bring lasting and sustainable solutions to the problems of the Islands that have not been solved for many years. TEMA, Cyclists Association, Istanbul Tourism Platform, Academy Foundation, Adalar Foundation, History Foundation, Alternative Education Association, mukhtars and various transportation operators and non-governmental organizations took part in the workshop.

“WORKSHOP VAPURU KAL departed for islands

V Workshop Steamboat için was allocated for the transportation of the press members of the guests. Karakoy and Bostanci pier to the guests moving to Buyukada tea and bagels were served. After the sessions, the “Workshop Ferry” delivered its passengers to the addresses again.


IMM management participated in a high level of involvement in the elaboration of the problems and the effective determination of the roadmap. IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation and Environment İbrahim Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General for Planning and Planning, Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu, General Director of City Lines Sinem Serhan Dedetaş and officials from several units attended the workshop.


Ibrahim Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, who came to the podium to make the closing speech, said that transportation problem is a difficult and serious planning. Demir said that different segments of the workshop worked in harmony and said, orum I see that we can live in order after the workshop.. Demir answered the issue of lack of supervision from the views expressed in the workshop and concluded that “We do not deal with the issue of audit in a holistic approach with all relevant institutions değil.

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