Preparations for 'Ormanİzmir' Meeting OK

preparations for the meeting of forestry
preparations for the meeting of forestry

The details of the meeting, which the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer invited to all the people of İzmir by saying “Come, see, protect için, became clear to cover the wounds of one of the biggest forest fires in the history of the city. 30 August 2019 İzmir Izmir will be born from the ashes ile with the Izmir Gathering that will start at 15.00 on Friday.

The people of Izmir, 18 on Sunday in August and 53 hours in Karabağlar after 5 thousand hectares of forest area affected by the fire will cover all the wounds. The fourth of the Izmir Meetings, organized in order to ensure the participation of the people in the decision-making processes, will be held under the title of İ Ormanİzmir üzerine upon the invitation of İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer. The meeting will be held at Efemçukuru Devedüzü Mevkii on Friday. The start time of the event is 30.

Piano recital at fire place

After the İzmir Meeting, world-famous pianist Gülsin Onay will give a short concert. When the clocks show 18.00, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council will meet with an extraordinary agenda. While preparations were made in the area where the meeting will be held, great care was taken not to damage the tissue in the region.

Seedlings will not be done yet

Planting will not be done at this stage due to the lack of seasonal conditions required for planting seedlings and rehabilitation of the area. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials made necessary announcements on social media accounts in this regard and reminded that the planting of seedlings will be carried out with different activities in the future.

Vehicles will depart in front of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Buses will be removed from 13.00 in front of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for those who want to participate in the activities in the burning area. A digital form was shared for citizens registering to use buses via the municipality's social media accounts. (Participation form: https: // / 2zp3Yuf)

For the citizens coming to the event area with their own vehicles, orientation signs were prepared from all routes. In addition, some district municipalities will support transportation with buses to remove from their regions. Town municipalities will be taken into account for the vehicles to be removed from the municipalities.

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