Gaziantep Noise Action Plan Workshop Held

gaziantep gurultu action plan calistayi
gaziantep gurultu action plan calistayi

G Gaziantep Noise Action Plan Workshop tarafından was organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

In the workshop held with the participation of experts and relevant public / institution and organization representatives in Bahriye Üçok Meeting Hall of Metropolitan Municipality, solutions for the noisy areas of Gaziantep were discussed.

Starting from the Strategic Noise Map project of Gaziantep prepared by TUBITAK-MAM laboratory in 2016, ”Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Noise Action Plan” was initiated with the opening meeting held in June.

With the Gaziantep Noise Action Plan Workshop, the noisy areas resulting from the evaluation of the strategic noise map were identified and shared with the workshop participants as a preliminary report.

In addition to the noise areas mentioned in the report, mitigation and prevention scenarios for these areas were prepared by acoustics experts and launched in the workshop.

The scenarios indicated by the workshop participants were evaluated and solution proposals and alternative approaches and models created by acoustics experts for noisy areas in Gaziantep were examined and necessary studies were completed to form the final noise action plan.

According to the report prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Frequency Environment Laboratory; Gaziantep noise management areas; University Boulevard, Başkarakol Junction, Atatürk Boulevard, National Egemenlik Boulevard, Ali Nadi Ünler Junction, Abdülkadir Konukoğlu Boulevard, Sani Konukoğlu Secondary School Junction.

With the final noise action plan, it is planned to maintain the peace and healthy city life of Gaziantep with applications such as sound barrier application and traffic regulation in noisy areas.



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