The Railroads Lost Their Victims Praying for Their Colleagues Who Lost Their Lives

railways cut prayer and sacrifice for their colleagues
railways cut prayer and sacrifice for their colleagues

Zonguldak Train Station, the arrival of the summer months for the purpose of a comfortable journey of the trip was brought to Quadruple Demo.

Zonguldak Gar management of the money among themselves by collecting money among the passengers waiting in the station for the first time bite, cheese and buttermilk distributed. Then the gar team gathered in front of the demo, who died in train accidents to pray and pray that the accident again to cut the victim. Quadruple demo made its first trip to Karabuk District in the morning.

Zonguldak Train Station Manager Zikri Naçakçı said, “A demo of four came in order for citizens to travel comfortably. Before the demo's action, we collected money and distributed bite, cheese and buttermilk to the passengers. Then we prayed and sacrificed for our colleagues and citizens who lost their lives in train accidents. Our aim is to consolidate our unity. I see that it was a good organization. I hope we will continue this organization, ”he said.

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