TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız is at Zonguldak

TCDD General Manager Omar Stars in Zonguldak Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Manager Omar Stars, attended the technical meeting came to Zonguldak.
Ak Party Zonguldak Deputy Hüseyin Özbakır, Zonguldak Railway Station went to meet with General Director of TCDD Ömer Yıldız. After the meeting held closed to the press, AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Huseyin Ozbakir answered questions from journalists.
15 March 2016 from the date of the trial voyage will start from MP Özbakır, said the following statements:
. You know I'm sensitive to roads. I'm sensitive to both highways and railways. We took the railroads after the 7 June elections. We've come a long way. This week, we met with our general manager. They came here by themselves. They wanted to see the scene. The technical committee is inside. They came to make the final decision. I hope that 15 March 2016 will begin the process of human transportation. The opening will be only in late April. This is because; Officials from the European Union will come to the opening. Before that, the passenger transport work will begin in the form of trial flights. I can herald this good news for you. Bu
MP Özbakır, Zonguldak-Devrek highway for the construction of hot asphalt, adding that they are doing the follow-up by adding ihale We are following the tender for the construction of hot asphalt from Devrek-Zonguldak. Soon it will be auctioned. We will connect this tender to Çaycuma. We hope to finish the hot asphalt business of Ankara road un.

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