Başiskele-Kartepe Subway Line

basiskele kartepe
basiskele kartepe

Başiskele Mayor Yasin Özlü, with Mustafa Kocaman, Mayor of Kartepe after the council meeting sohbet did. Saying “We need a private meeting”, Özlü said, “Let's build a metro line between Başiskele and Kartepe from Çuhane road.

The construction of Darıca-Gebze metro line, which is currently being constructed by the Metropolitan Municipality in Kocaeli, continues. The mayors have greatly grasped the importance of the rail system. After the meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council of Kocaeli, an event took place. Başiskele Mayor Yasin Özlü met Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman after the meeting. Özlü offered to build a subway line between Başiskele-Kartepe to Kocaman. Im We need to have a private meeting, ele said Ozlu,, Let's make a metro line between Başiskele and Kartepe. We build the line under the road in front of the Çuhane. Ç (Uğur Enç- the Kocaelibarışgazete)



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