Ankaray Map Ankaray Line and Ankaray Stops Map

ankaray line and ankaray stops map
ankaray line and ankaray stops map

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Ankaray Map Ankaray Line and Ankaray Stops Map: ANKARAY vehicles are the maximum in operation 80 km / h and the average 35 km / h cruising speeds. The traction system of the vehicles is designed to supply the power network with the energy generated during the electrical braking. Ankaray is not a metro line, Ankara is called as a light rail transportation system.

ANKARAY System, 1992 and 1995 by the Consortium of ANKARAY, was made by turnkey system. Compared with similar systems in the world, this is a short construction process.

Turkey's capital of Ankara on public transport services that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO rail transport network. The existing Ankara rail transport network consists of light rail systems, subway, cable car and suburban systems, and public transport vehicles operated by EGO consist of four parts:

  1. Ankaray by name Sewing House - ASTI “Light rail system açılan opened in August 30,
  2. With the name of Ankara Metro Red Crescent - Batıkent December 28 heavy rail system in operation at 1997.
  3. 12 on February 2014 Batıkent - OSB-Törekent line and one month thereafter;
  4. 13 on March 2014 Red Crescent - Preserve line has been opened for service. There are a total of 45 stations between Kizilay which is the transfer station between Ankaray and Ankara metro system.

Ankaray 8,527 km. Ankara Subway M1 16,661 km. + M2 16,590 km + M3 15,360 km length of this four-rail transportation system, the total 55,140 km. long.

In Ankara Metro, the Keçiören line is still under construction. In addition, a new line construction is planned between Esenboğa Airport and Kızılay.


Ankara's first light rail system, the construction of which began in April 7, was completed on 1992 August 30 and was put into service on the Dikimevi AŞTİ route.

ankaray stations ankara
ankaray stations ankara

Ankaray Stations

Ankaray Metro Line, Ankaray Stations - A1 metro line serves between Dikimevi- AŞTI bus station and stops are:

  1. Dressmaker
  2. Kurtulus
  3. Rail
  4. Red Crescent
  5. Demirtepe
  6. Malta
  7. Tandogan
  8. Besevler
  9. Bahçelievler
  10. Emek
  11. ASTI


ankara metro lines stops
ankara metro lines stops

Ankaray Opening Hours

06: 00 - 24: 00 between the hours served in the Ankara metro of Ankaray is connected with the Kızılay station.

Ankaray Cost and Capacity

In 1992 began its construction and 550 million German marksAnkaray, which started to operate in the summer of 1996. The 8,5-km rail system with 11 station carries 35-45 million people annually.

Ankara Metro and Ankaray Map

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