One Hundred Percent of Local Paramotor Makes the World Fly

local turkish paramotor
local turkish paramotor

After 20 years in the Turkish Air Force, Fahri Dönmez, an aircraft technician who decided to build domestic paramotor and presented a project to KOSGEB in order to produce paramotor in 2008, produced a hundred percent domestic paramotor. Dönmez started to sell the air vehicles it produces to various countries in the country and started to sell the locals of the paramotor imported from abroad to the 5 bin 500 euro at half price.

Dönmez, which produces a paramotor with 20, then 25 and then 38 horsepower with a% 100 domestic engine, has started to export by preventing imports. Dönmez produces the engines it develops not only in the paramotor but also in small drifts for unmanned aerial vehicles.Ilhami Pektas)

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