Automotive Technologies Center Opened in SU

sude automotive technologies center opened
sude automotive technologies center opened

Selçuk University Automotive Technologies Application and Research Center was opened with a ceremony.

Rector of Selçuk University Dr. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahin, Dean of the Faculty of Technology Dr. Prof. Necmettin Tarakçıoğlu, Director of Automotive Technologies Application and Research Center Dr. Murat Ciniviz, deans, dean assistants, managers, department heads, faculty members, research assistants and students attended.

Rector of Selçuk University Dr. Mustafa Şahin, önem Automotive technologies are of great importance. We talked to a lot of people about this job. But we noticed. All of the people we interviewed are trying to sell their information and technology to us for a certain price. We realized that this was not a good way. Because in the end, we were always going to stick with them. In our country, helicopters, armored vehicles, tanks are produced. But you say you are coming to a country where countries can not use our engine. You're stuck. Rather than revealing a domestic car, let's start a long-term process for the future and make our own business. In this context, we decided to start an organization process in all areas related to the car. And on behalf of it, we put it as Selçuk University Automotive Technologies Application and Research Center. I've traveled many distances on this. At least we've learned that we don't waste any time wasting time and how to waste time. We have signed protocols with some Italian universities and designers. As part of our exchange of experience and exchange programs for our students, we have initiated studies to help our research staff go abroad in the context of gaining experience and experience. As a result, we aimed to educate a team who could obtain the information. In this context, we are starting our activities as of today. The main target will be to contribute to our country in this area. Currently, our center's current studies on how the changes in engines reflect on the performance studies. Apart from this, the studies on monitoring the performance of the fuels on the engine, including biodiesel, are managed. But in the next period, we plan to carry out a work center with a strong design center, and in cooperation with designers in Italy, to train a team of academicians and research assistants to train in all fields. This is a long-term project. We cooperate with many places. We hope that a positive good result will come out in the future. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, E he said.

Dean of the Faculty of Technology at Selçuk University Dr. Necmettin Tarakçıoğlu; Teknoloji We have a serious automotive infrastructure in the Faculty of Technical Education and the Faculty of Technology. We have subordinated this infrastructure to the center. We get support from both the building and the other. Now I just wish at the beginning; automotive technologies have evolved a lot. There were centuries in the industry1-0, there were centuries in the 2-0, maybe in 3-0 for fifty years, we're very close here at 4-0. Automotive technologies also turned to 4-0. Artificial intelligence, communicating computers, systems. So the automotive engine is completely out of the fuel transmission. Therefore, a multidisciplinary study such as artificial intelligence, computer engineering, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and automotive engineering is required. So my wish is; This is a multidisciplinary study center. Let other friends come from other units. They even have graduate students working on remote controlled cars. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project. E

Prof. Selcuk University, Director of Automotive Technologies Research and Application Center Dr. Murat Ciniviz; "21. It is obvious that the technological progress of the 20th century will remain very fast as fast developing countries do not produce policies in this field. Turkey's industrialization, technological foresight, technological production, the obvious needs for research and development and university-industry cooperation policy. Developed countries are increasing the resources they allocate from their budgets to R & D studies, science, technology and education infrastructures in order to further advance their national progress policies. Our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's indigenization and nationalization targets in line with local and Dear President, and in this sense in approximately 3 years ago with the goal to contribute to the national technology Prof. Dr. With the Mustafa Şahin directives, the establishment of the Automotive Technologies Application and Research Center was realized. In particular, we took on this task with the support and support of the President of the Republic of Turkey, with a hundred percent domestic automotive support. Our center aims to be a center that can continue both research and application activities. In order to be able to say that we are also in the domestic and national production policy of our state; Our center is primarily prioritized in the automotive sector, in the development of vehicles, powertrain, and movement systems. In addition, the support of the center in the field of study appropriate for the field of study is in the foreseen working areas of our center. For this purpose, a protocol is carried out with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Technology. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kizilay was one of the founders of the Center. Dr. I would like to thank Mustafa Şahin ”.

After the speeches, the Automotive Technologies Application and Research Center was opened.



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