Gebze Halkalı Marmaray Line Opens Service

gebze ring marmaray line opened to service with toren
gebze ring marmaray line opened to service with toren

President Erdoğan, GebzeHalkalı He made statements at the opening ceremony of the suburban train lines in Kartal Square. Erdogan said, “Erdogan said that about 8.5 billion lira was spent on the train line.

This line, which is the busiest and traffic density in Istanbul, will carry 75 thousand passengers in one direction and 1 million 700 thousand passengers a day. Normally, this suburban line will carry the passenger, which can only be carried with 100 thousand vehicles, by itself. This line, which consists of 43 stations together with Marmaray in total, will lead to relief in Istanbul traffic with its integration with other lines. We also boast that 440 of the 300 vehicles that will work on this line are manufactured in our country.

Marmaray is the most strategic part of this project. From here you will ride under the sea to Europe. The train lines used to go to Haydarpaşa and to Sirkeci on the European side. We have combined these two lines. We are building another one on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The old suburban line here is far from meeting the needs of Istanbul.

It was a difficult task to cover Istanbul from one end to the other. Gebze, which has spent 1,4 billion euros and approximately 8,5 billion lira until today Halkalı I congratulate everyone who served to bring the marmaray line to our city. With this line, we have increased the length of the 170 km rail system of Istanbul to 233 km.

Erdogan, Another feature of this line is that the Iron Silk Road, which will extend from London to Beijing, form the Istanbul stage. He will go to Beijing from London. With this line, YHTs will not use Pendik as the last stop, HalkalıIt will continue until. Although Marmaray had been a dream since the 1860s, no one had taken any concrete steps. After a long preparation period, we aimed to finish Marmaray, which we laid in 2004, in 2009. It extended until 2013 due to historical artifacts released during construction. "We have taken Marmaray to a higher level today," he said.

gebze ring marmaray line opened to service with toren
gebze ring marmaray line opened to service with toren


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