A Person In Denizli Leaves Her Car In Front Of The Train And Escaped

a man in the sea left his car on the train.
a man in the sea left his car on the train.

Denizli-Izmir train to the TCDD Transportation Inc. driver who noticed the passenger train at the last moment fled. Interesting event, Denizli, Sarayköy District of the town of Sigma occurred.

According to information obtained, NS'in 09 ZD 039 plate car, leaving the field entered the railway. At the last moment the driver who noticed the Denizli-Izmir train at the last moment, escaped from the car at the last minute escaped the scene. The engineer noticed the car at the last moment, but did not survive the crash. After the collision, the car flew to the field and the train stopped after a while.

After the incident, the mechanic and train officers rushed to the car and realized that the car was empty. The situation was reported to the gendarmes immediately. Shortly after the teams at the scene, went after the fleeing driver.

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