ShipsGo, the Digital Platform of the Container Transport Industry, Celebrates its Third Year

the digital platform of the container transport industry celebrates the third year of shipsgo
the digital platform of the container transport industry celebrates the third year of shipsgo

Turkey's first digital shipsgo maritime platform which celebrates its third year as of this week. The platform, which was established to serve foreign trade enterprises, freight forwarders and container carriers, is being used in more than 160 countries. 11 Since its inception in March 2016, the company has increased the number and quality of its services in the last 1 year.

As a result of the R & D studies carried out in the Dokuz Eylul Technology Development Zone and the Dok Octopus ğı specific algorithm based on the big data analytics, its users; offer lower cost, transit time and less transfer port alternatives. ShipsGo also provides services for supply chain visibility in maritime transport.

. ShipsGo carries out sectoral knowledge and technology integration that the sector needs, Sh said Shinner, General Manager of ShipsGo, Merdan Erdoğan. The maritime sector should pay attention to dynamics and processes while adapting technology to its structure. We offer the industry experience to our users with technology and receive positive feedback. We have made significant progress in three years, but our journey has not finished yet, our passion continues to achieve high goals and to achieve hedef better önemli Üç

. Delay Alert (Delay Information) dik is a service where the container followed by the ShipsGo platform is immediately exposed to a delay event. Freight Forwarder businesses can increase their service quality by informing their customers through this service. Ler Release alert yenilikçi and imiz Gate Out Notification an informations are other innovative services that add value to our customers' business models. ShipsGo users receive the message esi Release Alert and if their containers do not leave the port within the free time period. In addition, Buna Gate Out Notification konteyner is informed by the exit of the containers from the port. Thanks to these services, our users avoid unexpected costs such as cost and demurrage fees due to lack of information about container locations.

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