Noise barrier for highways and railways from Ytong

ytongdan noise barrier for highways and railways
ytongdan noise barrier for highways and railways

Türk Ytong, the leading company in the building material industry, developed the Ytong Noise Barrier, an affordable and environmentally friendly solution to reduce the impact of road and rail traffic noise on the environment.

The Ytong Noise Barrier was designed to contribute to the harmonization efforts of European Union legislation, which was initiated to control and reduce environmental noise pollution. The high sound insulation performance of the Ytong Noise Barrier has been certified by TS EN 1793 standard acoustical tests performed at TSE Laboratories. This new system, which will be used as noise / noise screen in order to control the environmental noise pollution in highway, railways, airports and industrial areas and in order to reduce the negative effects on the living areas, stands out with its robustness, stable structure, fast application possibility and economical solution.

Weather-resistant and maintenance-Ytong Noise Barrier, which can be used in all climate zones in Turkey.

Gokhan Erel, General Manager of Turk Ytong mentioned that noise today is a big risk for human and public health. Gök Establishing an environment protected from noise is important for people's body and mental health. In particular, the quality of life of the people who live close to transportation networks or employees are negatively affected. With the concentration of the settlements in the regions close to the transportation networks, this situation has become the problem of not only big cities, but also settlements of all sizes. We are also using local raw materials by Ytong Ytong as we begin to produce in Turkey Noise Barrier offer effective solutions to this problem. Ytong Noise Barrier, resistant to many environmental influences including wind loads, is not affected by weather conditions. Therefore, investment and life cycle cost is a low alternative. ' said.

Quick assembly stylish design

Shipped as a finished product from the factory, Ytong Noise Barrier panels offer cost advantage and speed in applications that last for kilometers with practical application details and high installation speed. With the help of various visual designs and panels that can be applied directly to the paints, a visual effect that is compatible with the urban texture and which will not disturb the inhabitants can be obtained.

Ytong Noise Barriers are also preferred around noise-sensitive structures such as residential and large housing estates, education and health facilities, aged care homes, accommodation facilities, dormitories, cultural and religious facilities.

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