Road Lines and Traffic Signs Are Renewed in Diyarbakır

road signs and traffic signs are renewed
road signs and traffic signs are renewed

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, the new residential areas asfaltı road marking the road lines are drawn, due to winter conditions lost road lines, pedestrian crossings and renews the traffic warning signs.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities without interruption so that pedestrians and vehicles can use their roads more comfortably and safely. The Metropolitan Municipality, which draws road lines on the roads completed in asphalt in new settlements, carries out maintenance and repair works on roads that have been destroyed due to winter conditions. The Metropolitan Municipality is working on the preparation and coloring of road lines, the painting of pedestrian crossings, the regulation of traffic warning signs, the completion of the flasher and signaling deficiencies.

Considering the traffic and pedestrian density in front of the school, the Metropolitan Municipality increased the number of students to increase the number of students in order to make their school entrance exits safer. The Metropolitan Municipality, which places new thugs in places where there is no muscle on the roads in front of the school, also renews the worn out and deteriorated places.

The Metropolitan Municipality also paints worn and eroded border stones across the city in order to make the sidewalks and the central refuges more visible.

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