Minister Institution Examined Kardemir's Environmental Investments

the institution of the Ministry examined the investments in the cardemun1
the institution of the Ministry examined the investments in the cardemun1

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum visited Karabuk Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMIR) AŞ. And examined environmental investments on site.

Including Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, Karabük Deputies Cumhur Ünal and Niyazi Güneş, Deputy Ministers, AK Party Provincial President İsmail Altınöz, Candidate for Mayor and Karabük Former Deputy. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal and the ministry officials visited KARDEMİR and the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç, Deputy General Manager Mansur Yeke, Financial Affairs Coordinator M. Furkan Ünal and other executives of the company.

Afterwards, the Ministry and the accompanying delegation, which passed to the General Directorate Meeting Hall, were provided with comprehensive information about KARDEMİR's activities, especially on our completed and ongoing environmental investments. Here, KARDEMİR's Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç stated that most of the environmental investments promised to the Ministry of Environment have been completed and all environmental investments will be completed by February 2019 with the ongoing environmental investments in the Blast Furnaces region. Stating that Kardemir has made huge investments reaching $ 2 billion since privatization and increased its production from 550 thousand tons to 2.500.000 tons, Kamil Güleç noted that with the investments to be completed in 2019, the production capacities will reach the target 3,5 million tons. Noting that Kardemir has made these investments especially since 2002 thanks to the financial discipline and stability in the country, our Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç said, “It would be a dream for us to invest $ 2 billion if our government did not pave the way for these investments.” Our Chairman of the Board, Kamil Güleç, who also requested support from the Ministry regarding the Filyos Port Project under construction, said that with the completion of the Filyos port, Kardemir will increase its competitive power in import and export.

KARDEMIR'ın about $ 150 a large environmental investment in the environment, which expressed the Minister of Environment and Urbanism, the end of February with the investments to be completed in Karabuk air quality will come to much better levels, he said. Mr. Kardemir, who thanked the management of Kardemir due to the investments made, pointed out the importance of Kardemir for our country's industry and the region. For this purpose, our Ministry experts and Kardemir's related teams will work together and work together Bun.

Following the information meeting, a table set consisting of Kardemir products was presented to the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum by Kamil Güleç, the Chairman of the Board of KARDEMİR.

Then, the Ministry and the accompanying delegation, which started to operate in order to see the investments on site, completed the Sinter Plant Desulphurization System, 1.200.000 m3 / h Sinter Cooler Zone Dust Collection System and 200.000 m3 / h Sinter Limestone Crushing-Screening Dust Collection System, which were completed in our company Sinter Factories region. found reviews. In his statement made to the press members here, the Minister said: “We are now examining the environment investments on site. This region was where we had the most sulfur dioxide release. You are now in the region and the amount of sulfur dioxide in the region after the investment has fallen to the lowest level. An investment of around $ 22 for this facility was made. When the environmental investments in the whole plant are over as of February, Kardemir will serve the region and country as a factory that is sensitive to the environment, and is responsible for producing, producing, and taking the sweat. Şubat



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