It's So Easy To Have A Car With Birarabam

a car will bring a new breath to the automotive sector
a car will bring a new breath to the automotive sector

the automotive sector, which has an important place in Turkey's economy took a sigh of relief on the first day of the Treasury and the description of the SCT and KDV reductions that extended for another 2019 months of 3 by the Ministry of Finance. In the automotive sector, which contracted by 2018 percent in 35 compared to the previous year, the rental vehicle park, which grew by 9 percent in 260 years, declined to around 2017 thousand in 365, while it was 2018 thousand in 340. Bringing a new path to the sector with the interest-free financial solution model, Birarabam Chairman Murat Çiftçi said, “With our methods, you can own a new vehicle such as renting a car. We ensure that those who want to buy a car reach their dreams with an interest-free method. Our vehicle sales figures are increasing every month. Our current delivery number of vehicles is 1482 and the number of vehicle project registrations is 7563 ”.

The rate of increase in exchange rates in recent months led to a decline in vehicle sales rates. Regarding Birabam, who made a first in the sector, Murat Çiftçi said, alt Birevim makes you a car without having to pay interest or interest due to its sub-brand. 66 offer the possibility of installments until the month. In this way, you can buy a car without any down payment and you can buy it in small installments. In addition, customers who wish to zero km. or second-hand cars. In 2019, our goal is to bring more than 1000 to a dream car X.



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