Scrap Vehicles Continue to Collect in Ankara

ankarada scrap vehicles continue to be collected
ankarada scrap vehicles continue to be collected

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 16 age and 1998 model vehicles and 1997 model with the older vehicles continue to receive scrap.

There is an increase in the number of applications after the delivery of the scrap vehicle delivery time until the 31 December 2019 date.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has been produced with the old technology and which supports the collection of the vehicles that have the disadvantage of many issues such as traffic flow and fuel saving, especially for the pollution of the environment, collects the heavy vehicles in the capital within the scope of the application which will provide a comfortable breathing of the traffic.

As of the end of 2018, the number of applicants reached 390 thousand, while the number of vehicles received received reached 277 thousand.


The delivery of scrap vehicles can be made free of charge instead of the vehicle delivery established in Etimesgut within the scope of Support Services and Material Supply Branch Office.

Taxpayers delivering 1998 models and 16 cars can benefit from SCT reductions in new vehicle purchases, while those delivering the 1997 model and older vehicles benefit from both SCT reduction and tax amnesty.

The taxpayers who wish to benefit from the deduction of the SCT should apply to the notary public to obtain a document indicating that the vehicle can take advantage of the scrapping of the vehicle, indicating that the engine, and the engine numbers and the chassis numbers should be noted that the declaration.

When the applications are in progress, vehicle owners must apply to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Presidency and complete the petition process after receiving the documents from the notary public.

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