Immigration in Construction of Ümraniye Metro, 2 Dead

In the subway construction of umraniye become child 2
In the subway construction of umraniye become child 2

📩 06/11/2018 10:28

There was a dent on the street in Istanbul Ümraniye, which also includes a subway construction site. The body, which was initiated after the security lodge belonging to a neighboring site, also remained in the ruins, was reached. The security hut belonging to the site next to the road where the collapse took place also remained in the dent. Meanwhile, Mehmet Altun and Güray Halat, 2 security guards in the hut, died. The first corpse was removed from the ground in the morning hours and the second corpse from 13:50 hours. Mevlüt Uysal, the IMM President who made an investigation at the scene, said, “Migration may be due to the movements of the ground. Necessary actions will be taken regarding negligent persons. " said. The residents claimed that the rescue teams were delayed 2 hours.

According to the news of Fatma VURGUN from SÖZCÜ, Istanbulites started the new day with bitter news from Ümraniye. The road next to the Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line construction site on Parikler Mahallesi Kesikkaya Street, where the construction is still continuing, migrated around 01:20 at night. In the dent formed by the landslide; A pit was formed with a diameter of 10 meters and a depth of 7-8 meters.


The security shack belonging to a site located next to the place where the collapse occurred and the container belonging to the construction site remained under the drain. 2 security guard inside the shed died under the ground.

Mehmet Altun was buried under the ground as a result of the work of the fire crews who were dispatched to the scene and the body of the other worker Güray Halat was removed from the ground at 13: 50.


Some of the surrounding buildings were also evacuated. On the other hand, teams spread to the region after the spread of natural gas smell on the street, cut off the flow of gas in the street.
A power outage was also made in the vicinity of the area. Mayor of Ümraniye Hasan Can and Ümraniye District Governor Suat Dervişoğlu visited the scene and made observations. Ümraniye District Governor Suat Dervişoğlu, told reporters after investigations at the scene of the 01.22 Dudullu Bostanci Metro Line in the work of the expansion of the gap between the floor of the upper jeans formed at the Parsaller Station said the collapse.


Güldane Saçak resident in a building next to the region where the migration occurred, the citizens of the event after the incident came late to the teams claimed. Fringe gürültü The clock was a noise like 00.30. It wasn't always like the dynamite explosion. I am so sorry to know the dead workers. 03.00 recovery work started at night. If they had arrived earlier, they might have saved. Fear of natural gas explosion. They evacuated the buildings. Points of electricity, water, natural gas also cut doğal he said.


In a written statement made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the collapse of the Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line between the Parcels Station and the Depot Site tunnel production, reported that the last expansion of the station side occurred.

In the announcement announced that there was no negativity in the station excavation support system, bir The collapsed part is outside the station; Under the road, the site is located in front of the security hut of the site has fallen into the gap. In the first information received 2 people in the security cabin has been expressed that the rescue work continues. Kul said. In the statement, IMM rail systems, AKOM, fire service, road maintenance, ISKI, municipal police, 153 on-site solution teams 10 vehicles and work machines, 38 staff continued to work at the scene. During the studies, the surrounding buildings and road measurements were regularly checked., No deformation was observed before the event. The surrounding 3 building was evacuated for protection purposes. It is estimated that the collapse would be caused by the gap beneath the ground. Boşluk


İBB President Mevlüt Uysal who made an investigation at the scene said that ise The details will be revealed when a technical examination is carried out. He's a duck when he's doing an expansion in the scissor change. Approximately 17 meters from the upper group to the tunnel. A separate gap may have occurred in the meantime. It will be shared with the public after the technical examination. There has been a sudden mobility. It's not a dynamite explosion right now. Because there was a tunnel earlier. There is only an expansion work in the area of ​​change of the scissors. This is already an area just off the station area. Last night around 01.20 these events happened. There are studies at the bottom of the event, but a sudden collapse. Alt


. There was a movement that didn't even have a chance to escape inside the security hut. The reason for this is, of course, viewed. I wish my condolences to the families of our friends, ys said President Uysal. Necessary actions will be made about the neglected. Buildings will be evacuated if there are technical difficulties. If there are responsible people will be made. Studies will be carried out on the adjacent buildings. Until the evening, the situation will be certain, if there is a technical difficulty that the buildings will be emptied. But there is no such situation. We are taking their measures together with our families. A


On the other hand, an investigation was launched by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor.

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