Trabzon's New Bicycle Road Coming into Service

trabzon's new cycling route comes into service
trabzon's new cycling route comes into service

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality by the Beşirli coast to Trabzon kazanThe new bike path will be put into service at 14.30 on Saturday. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu said, "Congratulations to Trabzon, the new bike path that will provide the best service to our people in every aspect."

The new bicycle path is 4 km and 4 is 8 km. he said the path would be extended to Ganita. "We have established bicycle terminals on both sides of the bicycle path." BNUMX has purchased domestic production bicycles. Citizens who want to come here with his bicycle and can do sports here. We can rent and rent bikes from our terminals for a small fee. Again in the middle part of the cycling path we have a field called 'vitamin store'. We will be able to provide natural fruit juices from those who use bicycles, sports and walking. In every aspect, we will offer the most beautiful service to our people, and the new bike path will be good for Trabzon Her.

President of Customs, against the Hagia Sophia Mosque on Saturday at the opening of the new bicycle path will be held at 14.30 to invite all of their fellow countrymen, after the opening of the bike during the day 3 free leasing, he added.

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