Sakarya pilot province

Sakarya was chosen as pilot province for the spread of bisketed transportation. Fatih Pistil, Head of Transportation Department, said, Ulaşım We will raise our bicycle network over 30. We make the bike part of integrated transport. Our bicycle paths will connect the city's attractions. Smart bike application will start with the integration of the bike path. Bisiklet

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Department Fatih Pistil announced that Sakarya is the pilot province for the transportation of bicycles. Pistil, ilet The Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Mr. Mehmet Özhaseki'nin sent a file to our city during their visit. Then came a delegation from our ministry. We told them about our work and our goals. They were very pleased. They said they liked our work. God willing, we will be an exemplary city on the transportation of bicycles. İn

30 kilometers
. We are carrying out exemplary studies for the use of bicycle as the Metropolitan Municipality. We have previously provided cycling routes to various regions of our city. We have also included bicycles in our double road and boulevard works. Our current bike route network is currently within 18 kilometers. Hopefully, this figure will be over 30 with our new double road and boulevard works. İn

Be part of integrated transport
Pistil continued his statements as follows; Olm The most important detail for us is that the bike will become part of integrated transportation. It will be used in an integrated way to public transport. Our existing paths will be integrated. Bike routes will connect the areas of attraction of our city such as Sakarya University, Kent Park, Hardware Garage, Office Garage, Serdivan Shopping Mall, Agora Shopping Mall and Kipa Shopping Center. Smart bike application will start with the integration of bicycle path. With the expansion of bicycle routes, the number of private vehicles in traffic will be reduced. Bisiklet

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